Worthless hundos

Just a funny and/or vent-y thread to “show off” all those hundos you caught that aren’t worth an ounce of :star2:

I’ll go first.

This one was what prompted me to make the thread. Caught this guy because I thought it might be good for a lil’ cup. Now I’ve got to keep the stinker and I have absolutely no use for it. :skunk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Then there’s this…thing…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Gotta be one of the worst legendaries by nearly every metric and yet its one of the only hundo legendaries I’ve got.

Not trying to flex here (its all RNG anyway :man_shrugging:) but I’ve got a 2nd :100: Gyarydos that’s way too little to be worth powering up:

Apparently I caught a :100: Yamask? Not sure which variant and wouldn’t care to max it anyway.

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You have to make an ML team of 1 (evolved of course), 2 and 4 (also evolved) ;)

Well not a single 100% legendary/mythical. Pretty pissed about second hundos cubone, jellicent. To be fair most of hundos are useless. Here is my collection

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The goon squad

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I have a 98 exploud and want to use it one day as extreme spice in UL :D

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This is the back end of my hundos. Plenty of useless stuff in there. Apologies to my hundo G.Darumaka for the embarrassing company.

YES!!! I keep eyeing Exploud. It sounds kinda weird, but a CD for Exploud to get Extrasensory or something as a decent fastmove would make it fun in UL; its got decent coverage moves to be at least spicy.

LOL its literally a trash hundo :rofl:

At least some of those could in theory be worth maxing, like an XL Mantine for UL or the big :eagle: for raids.

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Girafarig =]
Lovedisc =[

This was easier

Most of them are useless

Allow me to present, for your consideration, the worst I have.

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That Chimchar is especially agravating 'cause it can’t even evolve thanks to the hat. :roll_eyes:

Hat mons that are unable to evolve are the worst

But my personal favourite is this one:

Better Keep it for a potential 2027 regional exclusive male variant from gen 11 :wink:


Worthless costumes

Waste of a lucky hundo


The only good thing here is that it’s cheap to purify

I dunno…seems like you’re just taking the opportunity to flex a :100: Noivern :wink:


It’s rare sure… but… is it any good anywhere in the game?

I mean…right now not especially but as a fan-fave there’s a high likelihood of it getting a CD. Its probably never going to be good in PvE (almost nothing is anymore because the field is so crowded, esp. for Dragons) but almost anything can have a PvP niche.