Worthwhile Egg Pairs?

So, because I’m starting to get to the daycare cap, I’m gonna need to start culling soon.

Aside from personal favorites (Scyther, Pinsir, Kabutops, and a couple others), are there any egg 'mons that are actually strong/viable in the main game? Or a tier listing for them?

In the off chance there is, just want to ask so I don’t accidentally drop an egg 'mon with a class type that’s actually and secretly super strong.

Not much…the only worthwhile one I can think of is Strike Aerodactyl, which is a solid Rock type attacker that trails just behind Lycanroc.

Well I definitely don’t have normal Lycanroc (unless we’re talking about Lycanroc Alter).

I assume none of them work well just due to lack of a proper Sync move and/or mismatched trainer skills/attack types?