Would anyone be willing to make a second team builder, a better one?

So in this community we all see everyone that needs a bit of help for a team. That’s fine, we all need a bit of help sometimes. But what if we made a better team builder? Not something like the current one, but a better one. Here’s my thinking.
At first, you would get asked what kind of team you need, a fun one, a pvp one, a team for a certain event. You would then upload a picture of all of your units, and after taking in all of that information, it would give you some ideas for teams. It would take in your level in each unit, the specifications you set, each star on the unit, etc. after you got your team, it would ask you if you wanted to upload all of this information to a section in your profile to help make better suggestions next time. This information WOULD NOT be visible to others, just the computer.
So what do you think?