Would arcane eclipse be good on og!Lyon?

Hey so I got a rearmed Ophelia and I have no red times that I really want to use that might use a different tome except maybe lyon.

It makes a follow for him and the stats would be nice.
And if so should I go for the spiral 4 or atkresfinish4.
I have a brave tiki to use or a couple of spiral sources.

Any thoughts or would it be a waste?


If you don’t care about having WTA over Colorless on him then yes it’s good on him since he gets guaranteed follow ups on both phases over only EP with a bigger Hp threshold, Slaying, neutralizing Atk penalties and such +5. As for the skill to go for unless you have A/R Finish fodder to give him aka B.Tiki you’re not going to be able to get finish 4 at the same time

Edit: Kinda commented before finishing reading, but if you have both B.Tiki and Special Spiral to fodder to him, you could essentially fodder the Tome, Finish 4, Special Spiral 4 onto him, while also nabbing the Def/Res Menance from Tiki


He is a good candidate for the weapon. His OG weapon is already refined and it’s not that good. You should get SpSp4 and the weapon, so someone with SpSp is pretty much required. If said unit is someone like Igrene, that comes with Pulse Smoke, you could create some interesting chains. Like RmTome + SpSp 2-4 from Ophelia, and Pulse Smoke 1-3 + SpSp1 from Igrene.

Or what GVader suggests, and get Atk/Res Finish 1-2 and the menace from BTiki.


Threat Def/Res 2 from Aelfric 4*

Finish A/R 1-3 and D/R Menance from B.Tiki

Special Spiral 1-3 from what ever fodder tho depending on who you use, 1-2 then nab lvl 1-2 of another skill (or 2-3/3-4 depending on other fodder available)

Tome, A/R Finish 4, Special Spiral (3-)4

At least that’s how I’d go about it… but again it mostly depends on available fodder

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