Would I need apples for CCC event?


Would I need to use apples to complete the CCC event and get BB or can I complete it using natural AP?


I’m going through the walkthrough now, and a final figure hasn’t yet emerged. But…it’s a long battle. It might be doable, but we’ll see. Expect some apple usage to be on the safe side.


I just finished it in jp and i can say yes you will need golden apples to fully complete it. Only way you wouldnt need apples is if you rolled the gacha for event ces


how many apples without rolling?


Like 15-20 apples probably with good ap usage. The event in itself gives a ton of apples itself so i wouldnt worry 2 much about it tbh. Always try to take a spawn rate up ce over a drop ce if possibly. Since most of the missions are killing certain numbers of enemies. The 2nd part is extremely grindy so be prepared for that. BB is worth it and the event is extremely long so don’t freak out and wait till part 2 to start grinding heavily.


Well, I’m preparing my servants for the CCC event. I mainly leveled up fsn cu, david, robin hood, caesar. I still have to read how the event is organized, but I know that the mvps are lancers, sabers and archers. I have 30 apples right now. I’ll save them for the event. BB is SO worth :smiley:


Yes they are all wonderful for the event! I would also recommend leveling up a aoe berserker if you havent since every node is a mixed node they would come in handy. Also one last thing the event is kinda high difficulty so if you havent level up mashu since she will help during the boss fights. Thats about it wish you and everyone else the best of luck!


The event lasts for 23 days or so. You can probably go by natural AP if you followed an optimal path. Having event CEs does cut down on the time to farm though for full mission completion.


yeah, I asked for help and someone told me that a team with mash and Jeanne would be useful in the challenge




Are you guys working on a CCC prep guide or the like?


I wanted to pump one out today, but it’ll have to wait another day (it’d include Meiji Isshin and the upcoming 2 months basically). At the moment working out the drop data for Meiji isshin (rerun altered currency drops :sob: ), so that’s some extra work I need to do first.


From my experience in the rerun I’ll say that it is the grindiest event I’ve done yet.
Part of it was due to not having enough CE to increase enemy spawns.
For instance I think you need to kill one type of enemy 30 times and you are lucky if it spawns more than 1 on that stage. With enough CE it halves the grind.

Another point that forces apple uses is that to have an easier time with the final boss you need to complete most of the 100 missions or the buffs and resistances you will face are extreme.

As for preparations I suggest raising a Cu or finding one for your friends list. He helped me deal with several of the bosses in the event. It was honestly far easier to solo them than to use my ill fitting team.
A strong ST of each class is also useful for the Wanted Quests.

I’ll admit that my path wasn’t the most best so it might be less tiresome if you can synchronize the missions instead of ending up only advancing one per stage.