Would raid bosses, an alliance system, and a friend support system work for FEH?

Here is a little context. I DM’d a friend of mine @MikeDah We both agreed that the game could really use some more features for the friend’s list.
During our discussion, these came up.

  1. Raid Bosses

A super beefed-up unit with reinforcements. maybe even with unique skills like Rokkr sieges. Each player controls their unit individually.
This mode would give some actual interactivity between friends.

  1. Friend Supports.

We had two different ideas on how this could work.

a. The fourth slot on your team becomes a proxy pair up unit, just like in allegiance battles. This feature is available in all modes except for Arena modes and AR.

b. Pick one of your friend’s units to be supported to your Main Sent Unit.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these ideas. Also please let me hear what other ideas you think IS could incorporate to make the friends list more interesting.


This is what I was wanting… But got Rokkr Siege instead. :upside_down_face:

Nah, because then you can just use 4 dancers and a cheapo Spiral unit like Ophelia to clear Abyssals and other things. Not that it matters, but still.


I was thinking about a progressively harder mode where you climb a tower or something the other day. You could make it a multiplayer mode with say one or two controllable units per person and have a raid boss every 5 or 10 levels of the tower, and the higher you reach the better rewards you get


Floor 100 - 2 Orbs. One time reward.


I’d love this especially no.1


The main issues I can see with live co-op are turn order, like players would keep trying to move while teammates are moving, and the game would need some form of in-battle communication to be introduced. I like the idea, but it would be a pain to actually implement. As for friend units, using them in non-pvp modes, or at least story maps and events, seems fair. The friend list in this game is certainly an underused mechanic.

I’d do a mode similar to Squad Assault, but play each map with one of your units and three friend units, instead of all four of yours. I’d also allow players to set multiple proxies, like one of each color, instead of just the one.


Floor 100 would have like level 40 +10 flowers +10 merges of Gen 4 units with premium skills, at least 5 orbs for that lol

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It would be a mode where if you lose you have to completely start over if you lose at all.

Nah. Knowing IS it would be insanely high stat inflation similar to Relay Defense.


You’ll get 20 Divine Codes and like it.


And fashionable accessories!


On the actual topic, though. I may be in the minority, but I’m not a huge fan of player interactions, so I’m fine without any of that.

What I do think would be fun is a way to visit other people’s Aether Resorts. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, but just a way to interact with them and see their favorite units wander around the resort. Maybe trade materials from the garden, or share recipes, or coordinate dances at the concert hall.


I’d love to make the friends list more interesting/compelling. One of my IRL friends didn’t even have me added since he considered the friends list to be “functionally useless”


I think they would have to introduce Ally Phases, so that each player takes turns.

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Oooh so I’d finally get a chance to be a green unit?

runs directly at enemy with weapon triangle advantage and dies

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I can appreciate that actually, I’d say that being able to interact in aether resorts would make me just happy enough. Thanks for sharing!


I can see the stat inflation from over here already…


Ready to fight?


I can already imagine my feh player interaction being something like in granblue
No one in the crew ever shows up to help in unite and fight Thor battles and the raid boss dies to a guy with a heavy wallet before I even know what’s happening


That’s why there’s turns, so everyone e does something

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