Would these Pokemon be good in Premier Cup?

Escavalier (Counter/Drill Run/Megahorn)
Hippowdon (Fire Fang/Earth Power/Body Slam)
Obstagoon (Counter/Night Slash/Cross Chop)
Haxorus (Counter/Dragon Claw/Surf)
Gardevoir (Normal) (Charm/Shadow Ball/Any)
Typhlosion (Shadow Claw/Blast Burn/Solar Beam)
Lapras (Ice Shard/Surf/Ice Beam)
Alolan Sandslash (Powder Snow/Ice Punch/Bulldoze)

Just discussing Spice Picks that might otherwise be unviable in open Masters.

Of those I think Typhlosion and Gardevoir are probably the best (I’m not sure if they are that “spicy” though).

Lapras, Escavalier, and A-Slash are viable.

Obstagoon, Haxorus, and Hippowdon lose to the 3 probably most “meta” pokemon: Metagross, Togekiss, and Dragonite, so I suspect they could be dead weight in some matches.

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Hippo with ice fang can go if you opt for going spicy (and you already powered it up)

Of these, I would say Gardevoir is a decent Togekiss replacement and Hippowdon might be a spicy anti-meta pick (your choice of Fire or Ice Fang). Haxorus could be an interesting Dragonite replacement that isn’t totally walled by Metagross (don’t think its worth RC though and it would need Night Slash to outright win). The rest just don’t have the stats IMHO.

I’m pretty interested in haxorus. I wish I had one. Very unique move set.
Sandslash barely makes it into UL with its CP and has bad moves. No way. Plus I don’t buy for a second that ice types will Actually be involved in this meta.
Gardevoir could make it as a charmer in a team that doesn’t want a flier. Maybe something that already features Dragonite.
Typhlosion actually covers Metagross well and resists charm. Probs worse than charizard though thanks to no dragon claw.

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As I see it, Arcanine would be a better pick than Typhlosion too. Wild Charge hits Togekiss for SE (and therefor will make it burn shields) and hits the rest of the trio for solid neutral damage. Moveset is varied enough to keep people guessing too and it has higher bulk and CP than Char or Typhlosion.

Escavalier wins in 1v1 and 2v2 against Metagross, so that’s okay. It loses against Dragonite, Garchomp, Swampert, Charizard, Gyarados, Snorlax in the 1v1 (if it lands EQ), and Togekiss again. It does win against Mamoswine and Glaceon. The matchups are iffy and it doesn’t even max out above CP 3000. I’d rate this as unviable

Hippowdon is, without question, not viable. Only wins in the 1 v1 against Metagross, and 2v2 against Mamoswine. Loses against all the others.

Obstagoon does not even reach CP 2700. It could win against Snorlax and Mamoswine (if running Cross Chop, some run Gunk Shot for surprising Togekiss), but loses against everything else.

Gardevoir is okay. Fills pretty much the same role as Togekiss. I do think Flying is a better type to have than Psychic in this league though, as Gardevoir is weak to Snorlax’s Lick. I’d say Togekiss is better

Typhlosion is okay too. I mean, Blast Burn hits sooooo hard, it even hits well when resisted. It doesn’t weak against Swampert, Gyarados and Dragonite, but it puts up a good fight. Provided Blast Burn doesn’t get shielded up, though.

Lapras has great UL stats, but for ML… not so. Swampert used to be a decent matchup for Lapras; now it’s iffy. It probably still picks up wins against the dragons, but so do Mamoswine and Togekiss, while being more flexible.

Alolan Sandslash… no. Does not even reach CP 2500 and isn’t as defensively orientated as Lapras (to compare: Lapras has almost 5000 total stats at it’s max CP, and Alolan Sandslash has about 3800, which is pathetic for ML). It’s so weak, it almost loses to Togekiss in the 2v2. Actually, Togekiss even wins if it has a shield advantage. That’s not what a steel-type is for.

Haxorus is probably the best of these spice picks. And I think it’s hard to play with and to think of what moveset to use. Night Slash is mandatory to beat Metagross, Dragon Claw is mandatory to deal decent damage to dragons (though you still get shredded) and neutral matchups, Surf could be necessary to beat Mamoswine, and EQ is a great nuke to finish the game. Except against Dragonite, Gyarados and Togekiss (matchups you’d lose anyway).

Actually it can win even without cross chop.

You’re right, though you’d have to gamble that Snorlax doesn’t have Superpower. I still think its very iffy

So I’m thinking of running Metagross (MM/EQ) - Rhyperior (SE/Surf) - Gryados (Crunch/HP).

PVPoke says it has a Threat Rating of 547. I’m going to need to invest in my Elite TM for Metagross but I think itll he worth it.

I ran the sims too, really depends on what its fast move is. Fire Fang does iffy vs Metagross but Ice Fang lets it just farm Togekiss (usually 0 shields needed) and Dragonite. But even it’s wins aren’t by a ton. Also, like many others here I don’t see Mamoswine being a popular pick worth comparing to. Maybe at first it will find use because it’s easy to get (PvE) but people will figure out its not even very good at what it’s supposed to target.

Escavalier and typhlosion are interesting, though I don’t consider the latter a spicy pick. Haxorus well, no. It is spicy, but too expensive for all those losses. I will try my hundo alolan sandslash I guess, but it looses too hard to metagross to really consider it as viable. Plus the second move is bad. Also I don’t know where to put it: in the front it is likely to face Metagross - so: many switches. no. In the back is bad cause it is really dumb in no shield situations. Hippowdon is too slow to really get something going.