Would this be a good enough Melmetal?


Yesterday during Kricketot Spotlight Hour I opened a Meltan Box to maximize the double candies. I do not have access to a Nintendo Switch and it was very difficult for me to get that Meltan Box.
I was able to catch a 96% 15/14/14 Meltan.
With Master League coming soon, I was wondering if this is worth powering up or if I should wait for a better one? (and this would mean waiting a very long time)

Any advice? Thank you

Yep, you should be fine powering that one up, especially if you wouldn’t get another crack at a Meltan box for awhile.

Melmetal already has a lot of HP, so missing one point won’t break the bank. The same is probably true of defense, especially since Melmetal sits pretty comfortably against quite a few Mons you would use it to counter. And since it has 15 attack, you won’t have to worry about losing CMP (charge move priority) in the mirror match against another Melmetal with 15 attack.

How can I get a meltan box? :sweat_smile:

Even if you can have another box the chances of getting something better are very slim… I caught well over a 1000 Meltan and never have gotten anything as good as that… my best Melmetal is a 96% but 13A out a lucky trade. Yesterday I also did a Meltan box and also got a 96% 15A Meltan, that will be one of my next projects…

You have to transfer a Pokémon from Go to Lets Go, I think. I searched it up becuz I don’t have Lets Go myself.

Yes, simply because of that 15 attack which makes you win - or at least draw - all CMP ties (except against best buddy boosted, of course). Not saying 15/0/0’s are good too, obviously, but in a 96% the 15 attack on this thing is definitely something you want

Thanks everyone,
I will be powering it up!