Would you create a full shiny team of anything if you could?

Ok, so I’m only halfway there yet but so far this month I have 3 shiny Ray, one is 10/10/10 but hey, it’s a shiny Rayquaza.

So, I know I’ll have to invest a lot of dust and candy and its dependent on hitting 3 more shinies but would you create a shiny Ray team if you could?

I do have 5 L30 Ray and a maxed lucky so this is a complete vanity project but I’m really tempted.

If not Ray, is there any shiny you would create a full team of if you could?

If I had an absurd supply of Stardust and Candy and nothing better to do sure. But there’s no Pokemon I would spent a ton of effort in obtaining 6 shinies and maxing out.

It’s just your team, in shiny. Doesn’t really change anything.

Reread: No I wouldn’t.

Any -one-? Toxicroak. He was my first shiny in the main games.

Any -one type-? Yea. Dragon (Latios/Rayquaza/Latias maybe/Salamence/another 2), Dark (Weavile/Absol/T-Tar/another 3), etc.

A unique 6 shiny dragon team would look really cool. Bring on shiny Tina-O

A team of six shiny Magikarp would look awesome, but be absolutely useless in battle.


My other one would be 6 shiny ludicolo. Army of shiny dancing pineapples.

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I’d definitely do a team of shiny Glaceon if I had resources to spare and at least two with supreme IV percentages (98/100%), but honestly if I had at least one shiny hundo It’d be enough for me, wouldn’t mind spending the dust required