Would you rather Fate edition

Game is simple pick between situations or choices related to Fate and it’s characters above you’d rather do/have over the other and post 2 new ones also related to Fate and it’s characters for the next poster.

Situations or choices can be 2 pleasant, 2 unpleasant or 2 unusual situations.

I’ll start with this

Would you rather eat one of Gille’s tentacle monsters raw for 1 day or eat nothing but Gawain’s mashed potatoes for 1 year?


Tentacle monster. I need variety and it’ll make an okay story to tell.

Would you rather try and compliment Penthesilea’s looks in a whisper while near her or spend one night in a bedroom with Kiara (keeping in mind that you are not Ritsuka).


I don’t trust my speed but I trust my mental fortitude even less, hopefully I can make it to water and can just swim away from Penth.

Would you rather have to Jigoku Kitchen with Beni for a day (read: months) or have authentic spartan training with Leonidas for a month?


I’ll go with the spartan training, at least humans have survived that. If a magical fox spirit that came from a god has PTSD from Hell’s Kitchen what hope do I have?

Would you rather try to beat Artoria in an eating contest or convince Red Hare he really isn’t Lu Bu.


I’d do both! “Kiara, Penth’s abs look fantastic - it really shows how hard she works to be strong. Now let’s go to bed so you can teach me a few more new things.”

Would you rather:
a) get the one SSR that you’ve always wanted, but never get another SSR again?
b) continue with no-pity RNG forever!

I’ll take the no pity RNG, I’ve made out well without it this long, I’ll be okay.

Would you rather
A. Get a favorite 5* at np2
B. Get a favorite 4* at np5


I’ll take A. Most of the SRs I like or am planning for are non limited, so spooks are possible.

Would you rather:

A. Receive 5000 :fgo_rainbowapple: now?
B. Receive a stipend of 30 :fgo_rainbowapple: per week for perpetuity?


I’d rather have the ability to yolo every week, yes. So B.


Would you rather listen to Hans pick apart all your flaws for a week or listen to Liz sing all day?


B easily
It may take a few years to reach the total SQ output of choice A but it just makes saving itself feel more rewarding and I’m less likely to blow it all immediately

Would you rather:
Have unlimited gold mats but bronze mat drop rate decreases by 1/2 (including lottos and event shops) or unlimited bronze mats but gold mat drop rate decreases by 1/2 (same conditions)


@Unworthy-Alchemist Kiara, it’d be a somewhat novel way to die and maybe I might enjoy a little bit of it.
@LFVBF This is hard because I want to do both… With my condition I’d have to go with Beni, if I didn’t have it I would go with Leonidas.
@Dailry_Farmer_191 Convince Red Hare he isn’t Lu Bu. It’d be much more manageable because I don’t have to do so constantly. Also, eat tentacle monsters, I already can’t stand mashed potatoes.
@NpcLucario I get SRs like hotcakes. Favorite 5* at np2. There’s other chances to try.
@Asphamas 30 per week.
@Deadsocialskills Hans pointing out my flaws. I don’t know all of them so it would be good to hear someone actually do so even if it would hurt.
@ShinxDaSphinx A, easily. Even half bronze would make things while not painful but manageable. Still better than Silver.

Would you rather:
Get Castoria to NP6 and never get a copy of Koyanskaya of LIght no matter how hard you try? Or get Koyanskaya of LIght to NP6 and never get a copy of Castoria no matter how hard you try?


Castoria NP6 in a heartbeat

Would you rather:
Be in prepetual QP hell or Reverse QP hell


I think being in qp hell is a good place to be in. If you’re in qp hell that means there are a lot of servants you care a lot and want to raise.


Reverse QP hell. I’m pretty much there right now.

Would you rather have Hans roast everything about you in front of your crush or have your crush find a half naked Astolfo in your bed?


I’m not gonna lie, both of these actually sound hella interesting.

The former would just result in the crush getting roasted too, and I’d pay mint to see a crush of mine see Astolfo naked in my bed and short circuit, at least until he fully reveals himself.


Look’s like I’m gonna have to get things back on track. You gotta post something for the next person like in that other game Describe your FGO!.

Would you rather participate in a death game (like squid game) with Lu Bu as your “partner” or have Moriarty defend you in court as your defense attorney for a crime you didn’t commit?


Moriarty stayed out of trouble for years in sherlock holmes lore, I’m sure he’s smart enough to get me out of prison.

Would you rather have your waifu/husbando as a servant but she has madbess enhancement EX with little to nothing keeping her/him sane, or have them be summoned as a lily with clothes more scandalous than Jack’s?


I’ll take my chances with madness enhancement, I don’t want more children catching colds in winter.

Would you rather have your sq income doubled but the rates halved or the rates doubled, but your sq income cut by 75%?


I’d rather take the rates halved ; for many, 0,4% doesn’t change much from 0.8% if you get spooked all day. Also more SQ is always better no matter what. :fgo_gudako:

Would you rather wait for DW to rerun every single welfares Servant at the respective time of year, or them putting them all right now into the game, but they’re RP locked?


Point of order, isn’t this already a thing?


I’ll take the RP lock, it’s still kinda up in the air if all previous welfares will get re run. Things as they are in my account I’d be able to get 1 NP5 welfare each year at least.

Would you rather sit through from beginning to end a play written, directed and performed by Nero or a concert by Elizabeth at max volume when she’s in full idol mode?