Would you roll a GSSR banner with all 10 rolls being *5 non-event CEs?

I lurk on the gamefaqs forums occasionally (don’t have an account, never post) and saw this post today:


It asks if you would be willing to spend paid 15 SQ to get 10 random general pool 5 star CEs. Right now, only 46.77% of those polled have indicated a willingness to roll on such a banner, which seems rather surprising. I mean, general pool CEs include very powerful ones such as Black Grail, Kscope, and 2030, and 15 paid SQ is a very small cost (unless you live in a country with a bad exchange rate), especially for non F2Ps. Plenty of of the other ones have niche uses as well. Such a banner seems like it would be an excellent opportunity to me. So what do you all think?


Considering I have my fill of gen pool 5* ces (MLB BG, MLB Kscope + some copies, 2 MLB prisma, an MLB 2030 + another copy, mlb imaginary, I don’t need formalcraft due to mlb smiling face, but even if I didn’t, I have it close to mlb anyway, etc), I don’t see myself ever rolling on this

Easy skip if you have been playing long enough and have whaled long enough. Could be great for GSSR only.


Have fun with your five holy kings and five Zouken ce.


There’s also a lot of shit in the gen pool CEs. Unless they GSSR style guarantee at least 1 Kscope or Black Grail it still sounds like bait.


Would be great for many players but worthless for me.

And questionable for players whose local currency is weak to the US dollar.


I’d probably be sufficiently tempted to roll for the chance to finally break my BG curse. A 6th kscope and 2nd PC are also rather tempting.

But with my luck it would probably be more white grails or 9th+ Imaginary Around


I’d consider it

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How many white grails do you have now?

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4, but each one has been a stab in the gut that it could have been a BG. Imaginary around is the only one that I’ve gone beyond mlb


Seeing as I’m 1 BG away from MLB, I’d be tempted ; even then, my stock of 5 * General Pool CE’s are…lackluster somehow.

Only ever got 1 Kscope in next to 2 years, so that would be neat to try.

Of course, these can always turn into a crapshoot, but I guess that’s the everyday danger of gacha. :feh_fayeshrug:



I really want Black Grail but 15 paid quartz is not cheap and most other permanent 5* CEs are borderline useless to me.

Really depends on my desperation at the moment.


It’s a little pricey in my opinion… but if they’ve added general pool ssr tickets I’d like to see a general pool 5* CE ticket some day. I’d trade my 6th bg for a kscope in a heartbeat


Probably would highly depend on what they actually were, but probably not.


Probably not, I voted no on that poll on GameGAQs. All I want from gen pool is 2 Black Grails, I have everything else I want. They’ll drop eventually without specifically throwing SQ at them.


I’m so desperate for a second Kscope I would roll in it…and get a 9th Zouken instead.


and maybe PC. But that’s <20% (or 14% if you don’t count PC) of the pool and the rest are extremely niche and borderline useless most of the time. At least in servant GSSR a dupe gets higher NP damage, or you get to play with a new servant that you wouldn’t otherwise roll for.


There are a lot of gen pool 5* CEs I don’t need or want more copies of…but I’d probably do it anyway. The chance at BG or more copies of Kscope and 2030 would be just too tempting, and there’re a few others I’d be okay with getting (I wouldn’t mind having MLB PC or VoTM someday, I’d like a copy of Formal Craft for collection purposes if nothing else, etc…).

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You’re still going to get 1-2 useful CEs, on average. And in servant GSSR, you could easily end up with someone such as Iskandar or a Skadi dupe or whatever, and nothing else but some 3 star CEs and servants.

1 or 2 kscope/BG/2030 isn’t going to matter unless a player literally has none of them. As soon as a player has 1 or 2 of these, there’s really no huge return until they can be mlbed. Any SSR servant is still a gameplay benefit, whereas a 3rd copy of 2030/scope/BG isn’t (not to mention there’s a nearly 20% chance of not getting any of those 3 in 11 pulls)


I’d probably skip. But the question becomes more interesting if you instead have to choose between 2 options:

[1] an 11-pull with only 5* non-event CEs
[2] a free pick of one CE

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