Wow is extra Ishtar’s hard to get in this event

Most times to get a servant we have to get x number of an item, and this may have happened in the original run of this event idk I entered during Nero Fest, but has extra Ishtar’s for the NP up’s ever required users to kill at some points 3 lvl 90 bosses? The highest level players I have are a lvl 85 Gorgon, Mecha Eli-Chan, Passionlip and Katsushika Hokusai. I tried to kill the Assassin boss with lvl 80 Mash, lvl 85 Katsushika Hokusai, friend lvl 90 Caster Nero and in the back field lvl 85 Mecha Eli-Chan, lvl 80 Fuuma Kotarou and lvl 80 berserker Minamoto-no-Raikou and could only break past the first shield before berserker Nightingale finished off my guys.

All of the extra copies can be obtained via soloing with the right friend supports. That’s what I did last year, when my account was a week old. Just check out some videos on YouTube and you’ll see how to do it.

I remember I used BB for Gorgon and Herc for Lobocop. I think Musashi for Clay, but that one is hazy.


My friend support wasn’t exactly full of buff people like now last year lol. And I didnt even know the game mechanics well enough to perform a solo run or anything fancy, so I had gotten only 1 extra copy last year.

For someone really new and still doesn’t understand the game mechanics well enough and not so developed friend list/roster, I think this is an event with difficult series of Challenge Quests (I also failed to get the Lore last year), but didn’t know the importance of lore back then too. Last year I only got Medb’s dress and one extra copy of Ishtar.

Please check this post, with multiple solo demonstrations linked therein


if that helps, I cleared all CQ with support Cu (Alter) 10/10/10 + Georgios/Leonidas. And CQ Enkidu with support Okita.

It was really easy, and I’ve been playing since May.

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Well, like I said, I had just started a week before and managed to get all of Ishtar’s copies and materials. Soloing isn’t hard, most of the time you can literally just follow a video turn-by-turn.

I couldn’t even try for the lore, since I had only finished Fuyuki by that point…

The High Challenge junk can be cleared with proper know-how and video copying if necessary. The other half is finding someone or someones to carry you, and for that purpose you’ve got Reddit’s/GP’s friend threads. I’d offer my own, but I’m… a bit, full up at the moment unfortunately.

Sadly, I have neither BB nor King Hassan, so all I could offer is Herc and Musashi. I’m happy to have more GP folks as friends, though, so drop your code if you’d like.

Pick a BB from support and she completely walls both Gorgon and Lobocop with little help.

If you have Andersen, he and a support Lancelot can crit Enkidu down quite easily.

For the Fiend with Infinte Faces fight, pick Sanzang from support and use taunters to protect her from Carmilla (targets women) or Nightingale (targets low health enemies). Since they have no NPs, you just have to survive their crits/normal card damage.

These fights aren’t particularly hard but they aren’t something you can just breeze through with whatever team. Or you could be boring and pick a lvl 100 Cu Alter to solo it all.

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Yeah, I had the same probelm last year, except in my case I had just returned from being inactive for quite some time.

If it’s any consolation, the infinite faces challenge was the one that gave me significant trouble. Carmilla and Nightingale didn’t want to die…

Cleared fiend with support Sheherazade on secondary account. She’s really good here, not fast, but safe.

Yeah apparently for assassin I needed to swap my foreigner with my Eli-Chan and added Passionlip. For Endiku I used Mash, lvl 80 Suzuka Gozen (Never realized her NP was so weak), and a friend lvl 90 Algeria Pendragon (Alter Saber) in reserve I had Caesar(his Quick NP dwarfed Gozen’s Buster NP as hers only got to ~40k while his reached in to 100k’s range) Siegfried and Minamoto-no-Raikou. For Gorgon I finally found a friend B.B, Mash again and my own lvl 85 Gorgon, then my put my Raikou, Tamano berserker and Eli-Chan and defeated her without even reaching Eli-Chan. For doggy I went with the same setup only using the friend bond CE herc instead.

Using a support Okita is awlays good civ :fgo_alterasanta:

If you think obtaining Ishtar is hard, wait until the CCC SE.RA.PH rerun :fgo_bbgrin:

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I’d also just started this time last year and just straight up skipped getting her NP copies. Thought they seemed unnecessary… :fgo_dshy: I’ve regretted it since. Good luck with grabbing the NP copies! It’s worth it getting at least a few, even if you can’t get them all.

… What do you mean? :fgo_shock:

Obviously that’s because Ishtar is a useless goddess and can’t make things properly difficult. BB is a sadistic AI that can calculate rings around Ishtar without spilling a drop of bloodstone out of her syringe all while hacking into her treasury. Of course BB’s more difficult to obtain.

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You have to beat Beast III in order to keep BB, the Beast has difficulties based in how many debuffs you buy for her with event currency. Her base form has 2 million health and 3 break bars alongside a NP that purges buffs before attacking. If you only buy 1 debuff she is way harder than no debuffs at all, having resistance to all cards, draining all np gauges from your servants and crit stars you make, draining health every turn and much more.

In the rerun you also have to 1 shot a 2 million health Alter Ego Servant for the grail and she gains 500k more health every turn until turn 21 when she loses all health buffs… for 1 turn.


At least the first battle mentioned isn’t hard (if desired). Playing the story gives enough “points” to completely neuter and subsequently completely trivialize the fight, after all.

The latter you can solo with Jeanne or Enkidu, and this relatively accessible setups shows a non-solo demonstration of it as well. And another. 1Ting is another matter, and inherently much more prohibitive.

More a pain than anything else if one’s not pleased with extended battles.


On my really underleveled alt, lobo keeps removing my invul before his np :fgo_insane:

i mean

this also ignores the fact taht she gains a **** ton of debuffs and def downs
and with minimum buffing
one can completely wipe the floor with her during that turn

a jerker at np 5, with shakespeare/shiza buff can deal 1.5 mil easily

and you can just stall the fight before then with double david + matthew
or david/jeanne/mashuu

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