Wow, Okada is pretty good

I can kind of see why he’s limited looking at his skils. With his niche and the right support, he can completely decimate some enemies. Guess he’s not called the ‘Man-Slayer’ for no reason. For any humanoid enemy encountered, just build up a large amount of stars one turn, then next if he has a lot of face cards, just activate all of his abilities. If not outright killed, that enemy is losing a chunk of their hp bar. All things considered, I’m glad I spent the tickets this banner just for this guy to get to NP5.


Yep. Once I build up more grails I’m probably going to get him to level 90. His design, NP, skills and niche are all very good.

I think he was one of, if not THE top, grailed servant of 2018 in JP I believe?


You are correct, he was the top grailed servant in 2018 from what I read


He was the most trailed Servant of 2018. What makes it even more impressive is that fact that the runner ups were Summer Jalter and Okitan.


Now I feel weird because I’m grailing those exact 3 this year lol

They got good taste though. :fgo_rinlaugh:


Okita is no slouch either; with her event bonuses she cleaves through most calvary enemies for me. I’d focus all of my embers on her if they didn’t need to go to Ryouma for event completion.

She’s also cute as sin.


Yep. The bonus damage let me solo the last boss with her and she’s only level 80.

My fav girl gets the instant level 100…as soon as I get the QP :fgo_jeannu:

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With how trashy the year has been, a condolence can be that we’re halfway there to the next Christmas event.

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Yeah, my team for 90% of the event is Okitan, Chacha and a support.

That 100% dmg bonus is very nice so i want to enjoy it all i can.

It also helps that Okitan’s skills were so relatively easy to max aside from the LB1 mats, she only needed skill gems for the most part so i maxed her asap.

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I’m actually surprised that, when I summoned him, I saw that he was just a 3 star servant. I feel like they should just made him into a 4 star servant, considering all around design from his appearance and down to his Noble Phantasm. (Sigh) Once again, another disservice to a great servant :unamused: :unamused:

Well, silver lining; it’s very easy to NP5 him.

God, I wish I was that conservative with my mats. I’ve got loads of higher-end materials for her higher skill levels, but I’m missing the basic gems.

You know what’s funny, that’s what I also thought… until I had spent about 30 SQs trying to get him. What’s even more ironic, I wasn’t actually trying to get him, but I got Okita instead the second time I tried to roll for Archer. Now, I’m resisting the temptation from spending all of my SQs just for him or Okita. I still have Skadi to worry about, after all :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside:


I’m still trying to find a reason to use him over any of my other ST assassins.


I blame that mostly on the first banner because it also rated up other 3-stars. The current banner makes it a lot easier to get him.

It comes down to his cost and niche. Against humanoid enemies he’s a complete monster, and he has lower cost than SR and SSR assassins with comparable damage in certain scenarios, so he allows some flexibility.

Ugh, don’t remind me, man. I’m trying to stay away from the current banner since I literally have 75 SQs left, no thanks to that damn previous one. By the way, out of curiosity, how strong is Okida once you fully grail him up to the max in comparison to the best Assassin class servants?

I can’t say myself since I haven’t maxed him out yet, but I can make a guess. If you grail him, his attack goes up to 9310, or 10310/11310 if you silver/gold fou him. Also multiply that by .9 for his assassin modifier. At that his attack would be around the same as other 4/5 star assassins. It’s really his niche, though, that does the trick with anti-humanoid damage. If you give him arts support with someone like Mozart or Tamamp, he could probably outright kill some mid-level mobs and gain massive NP from subsequent arts cards for another hit.

That… doesn’t sound so bad :thinking: :thinking:

Is one NP level enough or is it better to NP5 him all the way?

I’d have to use up my savings to make his NP damage worthwhile, and considering I already have Jack, Shiki, Emiya, Serenity… it’s tough to justify rolling at all.
And I don’t find him appealing in his overall design, so that’s out too. If he were non-limited then I’d probably end up using him anyway just because he showed up in other banners.