Wow, Shakespeare op?

With the upcoming ticket and me recommending Helena for those without waver or Merlin, I realized I don’t have Helena either, but I really don’t want her personally because at this point Yagyu is the way, but still, I don’t have any team-wide 20% charge servants

But there was a light at the end of a tunnel, in the form of a beautiful 2 star caster. Today I learned again how strong some of these 1-3 stars actually are as Shakespeare has a a 20% charge skill with a 40% buster up! Holy shiet this guy is a must level. Am I the only who didn’t know this? Or am I just ignorant.

On the side topic of Yagyu, is a tamamo needed for him? Because my account lacks one (I do have Gilgamesh Caster though)


Casgil can be a sub for Tamamo.


Oh yea, time for big brain art memes


You can also raise Mozart and do his rank up for burst art critical damage.

He has 1 turn art support(44% at level 10) and super instinct that give 50 star at level 10


Yeah I also have him leveled in lieu of no gold casters :fgo_ereshdistress:

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Tamamo is optional, if you want to use her just borrow one. On NA Cas Gil actually provides overall stronger offensive buffs for Arts damage-dealers than Tamamo anyway, until the Tamamo strengthening.

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I don’t have the proofs to level his skills, and I still need to level normal Gilgamesh (hopefully this weekend I can max him out) so that’s defiantly a problem

mozart, shakespearre, and hans are basically the bronze version of the holy trinity…


Skadi, Waver, and support Skadi?

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He said bronze version

Like, by 1%. Whatever.

Tamamo’s arts buff is stronger and more valuable for looping setups than CasGil’s combined Atk/Arts up.

He’s definitely good, but not a substitute for Tamamo in high-end comps.

Well, if you’re going for a parallel, then Mozart is the budget Tamamo, Shakespeare is the budget Merlin and Hans is the budget Waver. At least until Chen Gong becomes a closer budget Merlin with a focus on berserkers. I guess we don’t have a budget Skadi yet…

I was going for a joke.

“the bronze version of the holy trinity”


Tamamo doesn’t provide stars though, Cas Gil’s stargen buff allows the damage-dealer can get a sustained supply of stars so they can easily Arts’ crit for aggressive Arts NP loop/spam comps. This stargen buff is what’s keeping Cas Gil relevant after the Tamamo strengthening.

From my experience I honestly see Cas Gil used a lot more than Tamamo for high-end aggressive Arts comps.

For crit comps, yeah.

But for looping/farming comps, you bring Tamamo.

Rider Mordred/Murasaki/Kiara/Scheherazade/Anastasia/Summer Musashi/Chen Gong/any arts NP looper wants Tamamo.

Servants who need facecards (like Hokusai) should bring CasGil instead, but Hokusai looping is inferior because of the extra layer of RNG.

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Well, I was referring to CQs instead of loop/farming comps when I brought up Cas Gil vs Tamamo, since the original Arts servant in question for this thread is Yagyu who’s no farming servant.

It is pretty hard to loop without relying on a single face card in CQ, unless the CQ is something really easy like Summer 3 where a servant like Surf Mo can minturn it without card RNG.

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Well, Yagyu’s low hitcounts (bar his quick) mean CasGil really has no business supporting him. Even with the stargen buff, you just won’t make that many stars.

Yagyu can NP spam perfectly fine. If anything, that in-kit NP gain buff makes Tamamo even better for him than CasGIl because of the multiplicative scaling.

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Having some stars>no stars at all for aggressive comps…and do you really think I need a reminder on his NP spam capability? If anything, his very strong in-kit buffs for NP spamming makes him less reliant on Tamamo’s stronger Arts up to do back-to-back NPs.

I never said Cas Gil is universally superior to Tamamo. You use Tamamo if you are running a more defensive comp, Cas Gil for offensive-leaning ones that relies on stars and doesn’t care for defense. Yagyu’s attack down makes him a good pointman for defensive comps, but nothing is stopping one from using him aggressively.

I would like to get back to farming.

Totally Yagyu, I love using him

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I mean at the end of the day I do t have Tamamo, do I want her? Yes, but I don’t have the SQ for her atm anyways.

Who is. A good sub or good third in a team instead of a second Tama (with Yagyu and Tama support)

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