Wow they did this

I really like how they deal with their customer complaints seriously. Not like another company, but that’s out of topic I guess.


Exactly, I was shocked too

Such an improvement! I heard it’s up to 4200 gems this month just by logging in daily! And, with if we continue with the same schedule of events (now with better rewards starting from Caitlyn’s debut), we could get over 6000/7000+ gems per month. That’s honestly amazing!

I really hope this brings back players and gets more. I actually really enjoy this game and I want to see what it can grow into.


Yes, even the event missions offered a generous 1500 gems instead of the 300 for a rally event (which is only enough for one roll). One roll per day for login bonus seems pushing it though, even for gacha standards, especially one early in development like this one. I do like the fact that our major source of gems isn’t bug compensation anymore (which is extremely unhealthy for a game)


I’mma save as much as I can for Steven, if he ever comes out. I really need some Steel-type other than Wikstrom.