Wrys' Bizzare Adventure Progress Log

Wrys Progress Log - August 9th
He’s in optimal class promotion condition, but I don’t have the item for the class change, the golden bishop hat thing from Xander.
Sadly, he doesn’t have the SP to equip his well deserved Witchy Wand.

The skill I’m hoping to fodder to him, Atk Spd Push 4, also hasn’t been released. I’m contemplating pulling an Eir and feeding him Mystic Boost, since he will fall prey to adaptive damage and it will cancel the Push’s HP penalty. However, it will worsen his movement. Of course, I’ll give him a Wrathful refine.

This thread isn’t just a progress log. It’s also for discussing the build ideas I proposed above, for example, or for general memes and praise to our Lord Wrys.

Immortal Wrys

Immortality isn’t ideal. Immediately wiping all out is ideal. My Wrys will bring Ragnarok upon all who gaze upon him.

Gods do not die

It takes a special kind of madness to try to make a unit with 24/23 offenses into a speedy offensive unit without even a boon to match, and to go through it in such an unnecessarily long and complex way.

Even at 5 Star +10, +10 Dragonflowers, and Atk/Spd Push 4 his cap is 37 Atk and 36 Speed – 49 Atk with a Witchy Wand. This is… slightly stronger than my unmerged Maribelle.

But you’re obviously committed to it, so far be it from me to stop you.

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Exactly why I propose immortal Wrys, since he’s not exactly the best attacker… Walling is a different story.

  • Offensive Support
  • God Of Death

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Offensive Support (Pretend it’s Atk/Spd Push 4 and not 3)

God Of Death

Also I’m tagging @Holdvar because he’ll get tagged eventually

Healers can use Desperation and Vantage?
The more you know

Neither :feh_corrinmug:

Problem is I don’t have a Shanna ._.



Why do I find it ironic that you’re using this?

It’s because you can’t comprehend the level that I am on :thinkinglikelukas:

I have been informed that desperation on a staff user is literally just a worse Dazzling Staff. I’m just gonna use that instead though desperation has a cooler name

I’ve also just realized Dazzling Staff is rarer than desperation and it’ll make even more people angry about me “wasting good fodder” so yeet

You can literally get wrathful staff fodder, which is more common and refine for dazzling

•They’re both on 3 seasonals and one permanent


Wrathful is 2 permanent and 2 seasonals
Dazzling is 1 permanent and 3 seasonals

Brave Veronica is in the permanent pool.
Now I wouldn’t recommend foddering B!Veronica, but looking at your track record, theres not much to say there

You can’t stop me

August 12th
I couldn’t beat the Xander Green Cavalry Mage GHB and get the hat, sadly ._.