Wrys' Bizzare Adventure Side Story: The Flames of Destruction

Surtr was revived by Hel. He had a firm belief in a hierarchy of power, one he would never give up. So, when he was found by the summoner, he was willing to bend to their will. He was very hard. :ylgrwink:
One might call him cold, but when attacked, he sets the air around the opponent aflame, so “hard” would be a more accurate descriptor.
He was very strong, but his philosophy was weak. He only lived to conquer, and thought conquering only lived for him.
However, the summoner put him on a team with Myrhh. She reached out to him many times. He mostly rejected this, but through the few times he accepted, he began to understand human connections, even if Myrhh wasn’t technically human.
He had formed many friendships.
One day, he found his daughters walking down the hallway. They sped up slightly upon seeing him. He stopped walking when they were about to cross. In less than a second, they were both standing in front of him, in a rigid stature. They looked anxious.
Surtr was glad he could control the heat of the air. He could evaporate his tears.
He apologized for everything he had done.
They started to form a genuine bond.
He eventually remarried to give his daughters a real family.
He even gave them a baby brother.
When he had died, the sisters changed. They grew distant from their mother. After his death, they realized they could only trust each other, similar to how they were before Surtr reached out to them.
Their mother had also changed. She loved her children just as much as she did before, but she closed down all other human connections.
The son, who by this point had grown to be a teen, wanted revenge. This placed a very large burden on him, and he could barely handle it. He searched everywhere for information, eventually ending up with a number:21. He didn’t know what this meant.
The flames of destruction had helped Surtr conquer, but they had burned down the livelihood of his family all the same.
However, the tale of his life had not ended after his death. Due to a pact with the fire dragon, he was alive. But the fire dragon cannot fully control life and death, only Hel and Dragon King Yggdrasil could.
Wrys’ Bizzare Adventure Side Story: The Flames of the Melancholy Phoenix (Divergence) coming soon!




This one is a bit lame, but it’s more setup than anything.


Well, not bad.

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