Wu, Emiya (Assassin) or just wait for Shiki?

Hi all, I am trying to figure out which of my Assassins should I try to raise next and I would appreciate suggestions. In the past few months I got many Assassins spooking me and now I am sitting with a brand new Wu and a brand new Emiya (Assassin).

Looking at the tier list it would seem that Wu could be a better investment in the long run, but somehow I managed to get Emiya to NP4 (O_o) and it seems a waste to keep him on the bench. Then again, if I can I would get Shiki the next time the event runs and from their descriptions it seems that her and Emiya cover much of the same ground.

Finally, I should probably mention that I already have levelled up Jack, Carmilla, Summer Scathach, Hassan of the Serenity and Jekyll so it would be nice to choose someone complementing my existing roster. Any thoughts?

Wait for Shiki, unless you value Wu’s quick support.
Emiya Assassin is just a worse Shiki so he’s not really worth raising.


Bad advice.

NP4 Emiya will outdamage Shiki by a fair bit until her interlude. And even then, their damage matches.

Shiki’s battery means >>>>

But Emiya makes more stars and has utility (NP drain, crit chance down, targetable taunt, 3T ignore invuln) beyond Shiki’s simple kit.

Shiki’s plan is to use her NP to do damage. Which is fine, except she’s in a class that isn’t known for damage. Outside of farming, her utility is…low.

Especially now that we have Mecha Eli-Chan who is Merlin-compatible, hits a lot harder (until Tamamo’s SQ), and also has a battery (albeit one that caps at 20% instead of 30%).

Emiya’s is to make stars for the team and occasionally crit and stall. He’s a semi-support.

Wu isn’t really comparable as a damage dealer. She has fantastic steroids but only comes into her own with her interlude next year. For now, she’s Quick-flavored support à la Liz.


I’d just wait until Shiki comes. No point in using QP to raise Kerry since he’ll soon be benched for Shiki.

Emiya is pretty dang good, but Shiki’s better. Free NP5 and an NP Strengthening coming along with her event. She is the best SR Assassin in the game, hands down.

Wrong again.

Kerry has an NP interlude and outdamages Shiki by a fair amount until her strengthening in 2021. It does not come with the collab event.

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I don’t see the slight advantage in his NP damage worthwhile when you really won’t be using it as often as Shiki’s.
His utility is also situational, and he has no real means of surviving an opposing NP on his own (Shiki can at least evade). You could argue that Scapegoat keeps him alive but not every situation will have ST.
He also hits the rest of his team with 20% debuff resist down, which can hurt you in prolonged fights. And while up to 15 stars per skill use is good, you constantly have to paint a target on someone’s back to get them.


The damage is significant until April 2021 imo.

Kerry does an average of 62,378 if we just assume maxed skills and Superscope verses a neutral target. Shiki only does 55,271.

Yeah, Shiki’s battery and hard defense help her out, but Kerry makes stars a lot of stars, refunds slightly better (5.88% vs. 3.6%…Shiki’s better NP gain makes up the difference, but Kerry scales better with outside buffs), helps the TEAM against crit-happy Riders, buys another turn for hard survival skills to come off cooldown, and matches Shiki’s other utility (Pierce invuln, ignore def). Kerry’s brave chains also can make upwards of 40 stars, so he can set up a crit turn for the DPS. (Who, surprise, might be Shiki.)

There’s no denying Shiki is damn good. But saying “Shiki exists so Kerry is useless” is just plain wrong.


At no point did I call him useless though. He’s just situational and you really have to consider how your team is being built in order to make the most of him, otherwise you’re really just better off using Shiki.
Overall I’d call him worse outside of niche cases. Yes he has usage, but Shiki is a lot easier to use on a team.


Wu isn’t a reliable point servant because imperial priviledge is too volatile. She does better as Quick support.

EMIYA and Shiki are almost equivalent and interoperable with the same setups: Both are Art crit oriented assassin (which if you ask isn’t a really good association) with almost the same kit. Post-interlude Shiki is objectively better as pointman with better damage and her medium-size battery allow her to be a bit more flexible on CE. But there is nothing particular to write home about.

Since you have Jack I don’t see any reason to use neither Shiki nor EMIYA but you can use Wu to support Jack.

@jakeyb: Don’t see where you come from with the 62k damage for EMIYA, any source or calculation?

NP5 with 40% arts up and +3k attack from fous + Lv. 100 kscope.

I used the shame for Shiki (except she gets 50% arts up).

Those are the average damage, not the high or the low range.

Keep in mind Shiki’s NP multiplier is 1500% and Kerry is 1800% in those calcs.

Okay I thought you were comparing both post-interlude.

Shiki’s interlude is over a year into the future.

No point.

I stand corrected on when Shiki’s NP Strengthening will be released.

Regarding NP Damage, I ran the numbers using Gamepress’s Command Chain Calculator, assuming NP5 Shiki, NP4 Emiya (Assassin), 6/6/6 for both with all skills active, no external buffs, against a Rider enemy, and just their NP at 100% Charge. Here are the results:
Pre-Strengthening Shiki:

Post-Strengthening Shiki:

Pre-Strengthening Emiya (Assassin):

Post-Strengthening Emiya Assassin:

Yes, as of now, Emiya (Assassin) will deal more damage with his NP Strengthening as opposed to Shiki not having her NP Strengthening, but it’s not too big of a difference (~8,000). There’s actually a slightly larger gap between Shiki with her NP Strengthening and Emiya (Assassin) with his (~9,000), however this, once again, is not a huge difference. Honestly, it’s just about within the realm of RNG deviation.

I think this post need a poll :fgo_medusalily:

  • Wu Zetian
  • Shiki
  • Emiya

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Wait, what? She has pretty good tools for killing bosses and CQs with riders (or even class neutral with defense gimmicks) with a dodge, pierce invuln, and ignore defense on her NP.

Regardless, Jack can handle CQs and bosses fine and Kerry can only dream of generating stars like her so having Shiki’s NP charge for farming is probably more valuable.

Also, Shiki’s mat requirements are not as bad as EMIYA’s. Also, she’s best girl.

Wu is really the only one who complements your current roster though. Unless you have Tamamo or CasGil, then Shiki or EMIYA make some more sense.

Yeah, but compared to Kerry, that’s nothing. You lose a dodge but get a taunt, a drain, and a decent crit chance down. Kerry’s NP also ignores def and he has a longer pierce invuln than she does. He even has better crit strength up uptime. The debuff resist demerit is whatevs most of the time. (I guess for Ivan is matters, but ehh.)

The fact that Shiki’s battery actively hurts her doesn’t make her a great CQ choice imo unless you’ve glued her to Tamamo NP spam or something. Though arts Assassins in general have a tough time in CQs. I’d also argue that Kerry has better overall synergy with Mash and Jeanne (targetable taunt, NP drain) than Shiki does.

Bride is good for both tho—Kerry makes more stars but Shiki’s NP gain scales better.

Listen, there’s no doubt Shiki is excellent—she’s going to 10/10/10 ASAP in my Chaldea and I have an NP5 Kerry—but Shiki’s only advantages over Kerry at the moment are better NP uptime and accessible NP5. Those are huge advantages. But OP has NP4 Kerry anyway—and unless you need her battery, I think Kerry wins.

Once we get Shiki’s interlude, she’s the clear winner. And if you have the support (say, 4060), I’d argue that takes away a lot of Kerry’s value.

If you’re going to be comparing star gen, Jack and Emiya actually have relatively similar star gen. Jack’s best is her QQQE chain with 34 stars, not including the Quick chain bonus, and her worst is her BQAE with 15 stars. Emiya’s best is his QBQE chain with 32 stars and his worst is his BAAE chain with 15 stars.

Emiya’s material requirements should be incredibly easy with the upcoming Da Vinci Rerun since it has all of his materials. Bones, Heroes Proofs, and Void Dust are all part of the lottery boxes. Homunculus Babies, Tearstones, and Demon Hearts are in the shop. Shiki has similar requirements and can get a bunch of her materials from the shop but you still need a bunch of gears which the event doesn’t have.


Hum… Jack Quick brave chain vomits 51 c. stars


They were talking just from the cards, not including card steroids or quick chain bonuses.

Kerry’s high extra hitcounts means he makes a LOT of stars. People sleep on this because his NP gain isn’t so good.

But you’re supposed to crit with him to patch up how NP gain. He makes so many stars so that you can do this.

Somebody remind me to do a Kerry solo on an upcoming CQ or something.

Not including steroid or skills: why not. But not including Quick chain bonus doesn’t make sense. Jack has the advantage to be able to form Quick brave chain, it’s a specificity that should be taken in account for star gen perf.