Wut if the player had toys like the enemy phase

The player phases “Flayn”

Flayn is perfect for the ep being a flyer and most importantly a healer. Her limitations in range is un felt by tanks as they perfer to be near. As a healer she is more necessary then a dancer or any other type of support as she retains the tanks functionality

As a flyer she is able to be placed on any terrain optimally allowing her to run as a perfect support unit

So for the player phase needs something equally optimized.

Class: Dancer

Reason - The player phase pefers this above all as it continues its offenses and makes them harder to read and/or out run

Type: Cav/Melee

Reason - dancers who can reach any player phase type (Cav,inft, etc) are optimal. Melee because ranged dancers are ■■■■■■■■.

Effect: Units within 4 spaces gain “astra blade” if they initate combat. If dance is used target unit gain a special cool down -1.

Reason - Equally stupid in comparison to flyn. Adds damge over mitigation. Cool down. The player phase likes these things. Idea equally ■■■■■■■■.

The players phases “Far Save”

Far save is dumb. Therfor a skill equally dumb must come to be. It must be locked to cavs the same way saves are locked to armors as they are the the most offensive unit type just as tanks are the most defensive.

C skill:

Far offense - If unit initates and foe is with in 2 spaces of other foes atk foe you deal the most damage to instead if foe uses tomes, staffs, daggers, or arrows

Near offense - If unit initates and foe is with in 2 spaces of other foes atk foe you deal the most damage to instead if foe uses swords, dragon stones, beast stones, lances, or axes.

If either skill encounters “save skills” said skills cancell one another out.

Just a fun post. I actually don’t want this… or do i


You just want Reinhardt to be even better don’t you? :feh_rein:


WHAT?!?!?! Soren wanting Rein to get stronger, never heard something that absurd


Of course, how stupid of me. That would be ridiculous.


The sad part is, I didn’t even immediately think “no way that’s overpowered” and more "yeah, fair enough at this point "




makes one fear how far they will go in making overpowered tanks before player phase units gets to catch up


Any dancer is an optimized support for PP units. 30% DR is a drop in the bucket for EP, compared to dancers giving any PP unit a second attack (or a third in the case of Duo/Harmonic dancers). PP doesn’t need anymore optimization.