Wut's the average orb cost for a 5* hero

I’m stupid and don’t know anymore when including 4* specials and full circle summons


Double-check just in case, I’m on my phone and it gets messed up sometimes for some reason.


This is probably more pedantic than is useful, but the page Z3K linked to, as far as I can tell, does not display the average orb cost anywhere. It does give you percentiles, which I think are actually the more useful numbers since they’re more easily interpretable. Bu if you specifically want the average, you should go here instead.


The “mass” page tab will calculate an average orb cost, which isn’t going to be totally consistent across banners or colors. 150 orbs seems a reasonable ballpark, though, for a typical 3% banner–you’d expect about one 5* per 33-ish summons, which tends to end up around 150 orbs.


I’ll share the numbers I use. NB focus units only. Off-focus varies quite a bit depending on colour. I can give you guys more specific numbers if you want, but you have to ask.

Red, blue, colourless, no tickets:
3% split three ways: 140-160 orbs
3% split four ways: 36-37 summons of the correct colour (which in practice means over 40 summons because you can enter a circle and the desired colour isn’t there).
8%: 75 orbs (but remember, it’s any focus unit. For a specific target, multiply by 3)
6%: around 100 orbs (again, either focus unit. For a specific target, multiply by 2)

Green is cheaper by around 20-25%.

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