Hi every one I’m new on the forum I have 2 questions

1 what’s for you the main Wyrmprints that i have to get?
2 is the Wyrmprint mother’s love useful?

Pd. What’s the meaning of “FEH EVENT”

  1. I’d say focus on those wyrmprints that have boosts you want. Don’t be afraid to make use of 4* prints.
  2. It’s situational at best, as it’s only effective during a boss’s Overdrive. It’s the only print with Gauge Accelerator, which speeds up the decrease for boss gauges, so maybe that’s one reason to keep.

As for your bonus question: “FEH Event” = the Lost Heroes event which just ended.


What’s the meaning of “FEH”?


Fire Emblem: Heroes, it is another game which was featured in the event.

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Thanks I was thinking that exist abreviations in the forum that I need to know