Wyrmprints as Quest Rewards

As far as getting 5-star Wyrmprints as quest rewards goes, do we know the drop chance for them? In addition, do we know if Cygames is adding these new Wyrmprints to the drop pool? I’m hoping that they will add a “How to acquire” tab to Wyrmprints similar to crafting mats, scales, etc.

You can simply tap the magnifying glass on the bottom left of quest banners to see the drops, which includes the wyrmprints you are looking for. Or find a chart online for the locations and prints, reddit has a few good ones.

As far as I can tell, the newer prints such as Pipe Down haven’t been added to any drop pools, though that might change. The drop chances aren’t listed either but I think 5* are about 5%. That’s coming from personal experience though.