Xainfried or Orsem for HBH?


Hi guys,

I’m almost ready to take on HBH but am debating on which adventurer to promote and use. I want to use Orsem because I already have the 5*t3 dagger built for him but I know Xainfried is an essential to a team because of the HP Co-ability.

Is there a demand for one more than the other? Would Orsem be able to run with MUB Vod? I know Xainfried can pass with MUB Vod so I’d rather build a 5*t3 lance rather than using sunstones on Leviathan if Orsem cannot.

Thanks in advance!


Assuming you have the required facilities, both of them work with MUB Vod. Good Orsem are definitely in higher demand than Xainfrieds, there’s a lot more of them in HBH, however as you mentioned Xainfrieds co-ability is a requirement for this fight, furthermore you can use 2 Xainfried if one does Orsems job of baiting or if you have 1 Orsem and 2 Xainfried. I would say it depends on which unit is more useful to you outside of HBH, like if you have DY!Cleo you can share the Weapon with her or if you have use for a Xainfried for events and those kind of things.

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Thanks for the input! Hmmm looks like I’ll be building Orsem then since I use DY!Cleo all the time haha