Xerneas is the worst legendary ever in GO and both GF and Niantic are there to blame

I don’t know about this. But thanks for ruining a COVER LEGENDARY by making a completely incompatible Pokemon. Lel

At least Volcanion got stuff like Incinerate in SWSH. Since 3DS and even in SwSh Xerneas wasn’t even given a proper fast move candidate (bar Geomancy). I don’t even see Fairy Wind or Charm in that movepool. Or any Fast Move bar the worst 3 ones.

And at this point releasing Xerneas days later is completely just dead moot. Like I’m too optimistic for Niantic to suddenly just add a third fast move for it?

And they don’t and I think they won’t. At least Regi and Cress can now be used in PvP, this is literally just a sitting duck. The only simple solution at this point is for GF to suddenly release Xerneas with something like Charm or Aromatic Mist in a MAX Raid Battle and hope Niantic add that move on it as a fast (and hopefully resembling something like Lock-On).

At some point, Xerneas will either get Misty Terrain as a quick move or Geomancy. So it’ll get fixed, just not as soon as we’d like. Niantic probably assumes that people will raid it as-is anyways, because it’s a new legendary. And they’re not wrong. Players who don’t dive in to the performance stats of their Mons won’t care either way what the quick moves are.

Also, this is hardly precedence. Ho-Oh (also a cover legendary) was complete and utter garbage for years. It wasn’t until it got earthquake as a coverage move, a huge buff to brave bird, and access to incinerate as a quick move that it finally saw relevance. And even then, it’s pretty much only relevant in ML PvP at the moment.

Before PvP was a thing, Mons like Suicune, Altered Giratina, Registeel, and Cresselia were also similarly deemed garbage. Some of them were still garbage when PvP dropped, and only picked up relevance when they got new moves or had existing moves buffed.

My point is, yes, Xerneas sucks right now as several other legendaries have, but it won’t always suck. I’m confident it will get its time to shine eventually.


Tornadus both formes says “hi!” The most useless( both formes, you are great, NIantic!) legendary so far. Xerneas even there cant be first :joy: :joy:


At least Tornadus has moves in it, unlike Xerneas…

Except Tornadus has underwhelming base stats and a pretty useless typing for STAB moves. Xerneas, on the other hand, has fantastic base stats and typing. Xerneas can be redeemed with better moves down the line. Tornadus cannot.

I can totally understand why to blame Niantic, but GF?, Xerneas is a monster on the main games to my understanding(or at least it used to be), the lack of fairy fast moves is Niantic fault for didn’t plan to the future (although I would admit that turn charm to a fast move was a clever choice, but an improvise one nevertheless).

Imagine playing the main games you got the legendary pkm that gave eternal live and it got “charm” as a move.

But with these stats they are/were more or less guaranteed to be that way, not? Is that so extremely different in the other games?
But anyway, there are a lot of useless legendaries atm, xerneas looks at least better than most :D

Even with Charm Xerneas would be below Gardevoir. It wont be the best of its type barring some OP new Fairy fast move.

Xerneas indeed is a monster. Power Herb Geomancy usually goes brrr against unprepared teams.

This is Mr - ex777 we are talking about who always has a complaint about everything. Ignore everything this trainer has to say. Blamescott was spot on and its just a matter of time until Xerneas is improved. Niantic simply use powercreep as a method of keeping other pokemon relevant and this has been true since Ho-Oh. I for one am very excited for Xerneas and have greatly enjoyed the positive changes Niantic has made during a difficult circumstance in order to improve the game for the majority. In my opinion it is good that we have not received relevant raid bosses or community days for the most part (mostly for pvp) as to not incentivize unsafe behavior during a crisis that is currently crippling countries like India and South America and instead recently promoted events that help the environment. I am certain we will get better raid bosses/community days when most of the world is in a better place, but dont let the negative sentiment of trainers like Mr. Ex 777 ruin it for everyone else. (They’re not even very good if im being honest). I have personally worked with John Hanke and Niantic and they are doing everything in their power to accommodate the community in a safe manner.


Not really, Tornadus-I has higher attack stat than Xerneas. Both flying and fairy type aren’t very useful for raids, but at least flying type has more fast moves and powerful charge moves (Sky Attack, Fly) that fairy type lacks at the moment. So Tornadus is much easier to be improved than Xerneas.

Xerneas only has Tackle, Zen Headbutt and Take Down (as eligible Fast Move candidates) since XY in its movepool and this has not been changed by SwSh.

So it’s 70 - 80% GF’s fault.

Both of Tornadus Forms also have like Air Slash or Gust, which are also strictly superior to Tackle, Zen Headbutt or Take Down.

Because GameFreak is all about Pokemon Go, how could they?!

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Xerneas only has Tackle, Zen Headbutt and Take Down (as eligible Fast Move candidates) since XY in its movepool and this has not been changed by SwSh.

I’m not really sure if GameFreak has a responsibility towards PoGo’s game balance. Niantic makes the balancing choices and they made very short-sighted ones when they initially converted basically all Fairy-moves to charge moves.

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They somehow do by providing most Pokemon viable Stab move candidates, especially since Sun and Moon (so they could be adjusted any time Niantic wants).

There are exceptions like Xerneas or Audino (Which had movesets filled with nuke charged moves), but then you have this.


Volcanion only had Take Down in XY, the Fire Spin, Water Gun and Incinerate were added in Gen 8, it should be obvious what those are for.

The point about Niantic is that they did not turn Geomancy into a Fast Move, because that seems to be the only way out (Keep in Mind Charm and Lock On can be manifested as Fast Moves and Dark Void is inside the Coding, so they could turn Geomancy into a fast move but they did not. This is 20% of blame.)

Don’t take it out on Gamefreak… They are supposed to balance the MSG not Pokemon Go. No one is at fault. Not all pokemon can be the best of the best

That is such a bad argumentation about Geomancy it hurts. That‘s like saying Dragon Ascent hasn‘t been turned into a Charged Move yet, so it won‘t come. Geomancy will come sooner or later, it‘s been like that with most signature moves so far. So please stop complaining and overracting.

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I pray to god that it will not get it as a Charged Move then.

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I would love for Xerneas to get Geomancy as a strong charge move, if it gets Misty Terrain as a quick move.
Potential best of both worlds there, since Moonblast is…just ok.