Xiang Yu Looping?

Cn Xiang Yu using a level 100 hns skadi loop with double skadi plugsuit waver? Went 62 tickets + 4 multis in for lanling and instead got np2 xiang yu the rate up lancer and sumani spook :( .
Trying to see if theres ever a situation/purpose to using him over np3 dantes / np2 parvati / np1 zerklot given he seems to struggle even more then zerklot with looping despite him hitting much harder.
I do have kscope if this comes up but only a single kscope not superscope.

mm, you can get to kindof DSS loop. However, it won’t be nearly as efficient as other servants, and will probably require either a plugsuit waver or a paracelsus combination.

Now, as for a comparison: can he loop like zerkerlot or dantes? Heck no. Not even close to an NP3 dantes.

He’s a jank servant to be frank. Can be fun to use, but he won’t compete with the best in the AoE Quick NP looping category.

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My understanding is that looping with him is impractical except with plugsuit Waver vs. waves of 3x Caster enemies.

Just from eyeballing his gen stats, I wouldn’t expect too much. Mine isn’t fully leveled yet, but I haven’t seen great results in terms of NP generation except when the stars align and you can exploit his strong (and only) Quick card.

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yeaaaa, so the thing about him that kills his looping potential is ultimately his np gain. it’s low, and requires some form of NP generation help. You can maybe pull some jank against low hp enemies with that one mystic code that promotes NP gain, but that’s still a hard maybe.

His biggest hurdle is not damage, it’s in getting refund. You can usually pull some strings to get the second NP off, but the third NP is where he usually cannot reach.

Big crit turn though probably, and if you can get his buster cards, you might be able to 3T single-enemy wave 3 nodes? Maybe?

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He needs MLB Kscope and Waver to loop and he’s limited to only Casters (needs lots of Overkill too).

He is good for CQs, especially post buff, but for looping purposes he is only slightly better than Tamamo Cat (because no self stun) which is to say he’s terrible and worse than Lancelot.

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Reading this makes me wonder if np2 fran would be better at farming if i had superscope lol.

Fran can work fine except for the annoying requirement of saving her from her own stun.

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If not for ger self stun, she would probably be better than Zerkerlot as she only needs MLB Kscope and 2 Skadis. But unfortunately her self stun locks you out of Waver, HNS and even Asclepius next year.

Oh i’m aware. It’s just something to note that fran seems like she’d be more looping friendly if superscope was around which is disappointing to find out.

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If you have BB or Nightingale:

Fran’s NP up is better since it’s for 3 turns and her NP damage buff is no joke.

I recently got a spook Nightingale and I didn’t remember why I wanted her in the past. Now I remember; but then I don’t have a superscope.


The problem is the superscope. I’m well aware how easy she is to loop with if you have one. With only 1 kscope and no superscope i cant do many of the easier to build looping comps.

With this gentleman in the future, you could use a regular KScope. However, it is not RNG-safe since his first skill only provide Debuff Resistence +50% unlike Nightingale’s Debuff Immunity.

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Certainly something to look into and remember thanks.

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If you want to level the Atlas Institute Mystic Code, you can use the Fran + Arash team:


  • Nuke first wave with Arash
  • Clear remaining two waves with Fran. (Use the Mystic Code to clear the Stun after NP the 2nd wave.)

Late follow-up, but I can confirm (from practice and not from math, because lazy) that NP Gain Up from Mystic Code or from Paracelsus isn’t enough. Waver is going to be a must.

With this setup, he refunded 43% on doors with overkill from NP5. At most we could squeeze a tiny bit more by finishing his s2, and both Skadis could use bond CEs, but that’s a lot of work for a setup we’d never actually use for events.

Nothing surprising, but I wanted to try for the hell of it.


i suppose worst case you could do something like arash double skadi xiang yu if your determined but yeah thats a rip.


He’s the kind of Servant who might see more farming use if/when we get more supports with skills to manipulate card selection. His crits are incredible, but obviously impractical for the kind of content we usually do.

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But this would be a 4 slot setup wouldn’t it?
Would the time saving be worth the reduced drops?

Not for lotto events, but I think it’d be fine for dailies or events that you don’t have a lot of drop CEs for. In fact the short animation of Arash’s NP would likely result in shorter clear time (Dantes/Zerkerlot have pretty long NP animations after all).


It just struck me but I can actually use this for saber nodes in lottos, since I don’t have atlante or zerkerlot or dantes.A np3 fran should comfortably clear it no?

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