XL Candy problem

Is anyone else having trouble getting XL candies when walking their buddy? The last three or four candies that I should have got didn’t appear.

My buddy is at level 49.5, with only 9 candies needed to hit L50.

Well, XL aren‘t guaranteed, so you can easily walk a couple rounds without getting an XL. Had that with Level 40 Pokemon often enough already.

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Several possibilities:

  1. Glitching, pogo is notorious for not working right.

  2. Lower levels not dropping candy as often, but it doesn’t sound like that.

  3. Visual Glitch

  4. Daily Buddy Candy limit reached

My vote goes with number 1, it’s not a week in pogo without something going wrong.

  1. Most likely explanation

  2. Like you said, probably not, as my buddy I’d L49.5

  3. No. I checked the XL candy before and after the regular candy appeared and there was no change.

  4. There’s a limit? I didn’t know this. It’s unlikely as I’d only dome about 3k walking today.

There’s a limit at 40km (at least it was, dunno if it’s changed), that’s not easily reached, it is probably just rng, as @PokeprofJulian pointed out. There’s "only " an 80 percent chance of XL candy dropping (with a Mon >lvl 40). Hence, the probability is high that at one point it’s not dropping an XL three or four times in a row after walking long enough

There is indeed a cap, albeit it’s not really formally recognised. As @stativision says, it’s most often reported at 40km or 42km. I’m not the biggest walker in the world but I do a fair bit on holiday and I think I’ve hit it once or twice.

Some more recent posts have speculated a couple of changes/workarounds:

  1. That it’s simply been increased to as much as 80km
  2. There’s a workaround with Adventure Sync that it somehow breaks the limit - I’ve got my partner’s account that she doesn’t really play anymore hooked to a work phone that I carry with Adventure sync on and I’ve seen as much as 24 Rhyhorn candy (theoretically 72km) drop when I open it. The problem with that is that I can go days and even as long as a week without opening PoGo on it so whether that’s actually 5 candy per day over a week or just what it thinks it’s done that day, I’m not sure.

Thanks to all for the info.

It looks like I’ve just been a bit unlucky. I have about 2k before the next XL is due to pop, so I’ll let you know later what happens.

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Normal service has been resumed. With walking and a couple of distance trades I now need only 5XL to hit L50 with this buddy.

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Cool, but I feel invested in this now, I have to ask what your buddy is…

Hundo Machamp.

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Distance trading is usually faster to get XL candy for a non legendary pokemon like machamp.

Probably half the XL I’ve put in to this Machamp have come from distance trades but I’ve almost run out of tradeable machops.

Machop nests. Ask your community or use the internet to find a nest nearby.

If all hell breakes loose, just yeet some Machop candy into the XL grinder.

An excellent choice, I wish I had the patience to BB stuff. Lazy bastard that I am.


I think it’s 80km atm. My Lucario always brings 16 (80/5) regular candies every morning I wake up, and Blastoise always brings home 26 candies (80/3). I guess I can have a night with a Gyarados and check whether the candies at the morning are 80 or not.

Yea, have fun at your night with Gyarados :D

You’re using a swing?

I also am experiencing this problem. You did not mention what “Buddy Level” your Buddy is (ie Best / Ultra etc). From my experience I am very sure that higher buddy levels increase XL candy drop. In my recent buddies I experienced virtually no XLs when I swapped them as Buddies and upon reaching the second and third “buddy stage” the drop rate increased notably. I am NOT referring to the Level of the Pokemon (ie 40-50).

Sorry, I don’t understand. The 80km limit you mention is a weekly limit or ???

I think it is fair to say that currently there is a severe XL candy problem in POGO, overall not just Buddy walking. I have experienced really poor XL drop rates in the past few weeks,

  1. I received a grand total of 10 XL candies during the recent Drifloom spotlight hour despite catching them aggressively. I used to get 20-30 or so during a spotlight hour. Weather was of course not boosted as Drifblim requires ridiculous weather for boost.

  2. recent events have seen poor drops even with weather boosted conditions: Fashion week: (croagunk, bltitzle candies), Jungle Nonsense week (Pikachu, Dribur candies).

  3. overall now, few Level 30+ catches drop candy. rate used to be much better.