XL Candy Update

Have the updates to obtaining XL candy happened yet? As in the ability to walk your buddy to have a chance at XL candy & trading over a longer distance to have a better chance. Or is that coming in March?

Just read that in GBL season 7 the pokemon catch rewards give you more XL candy… Any other news very welcome!

I believe it starts with Season 7. Too little, too late in my book…

I just hit level 40 and this is a welcome addition in my books. Sure they may not be that useful but they can help swing some matches in pvp

The announcement didn’t give an exact date or time, but I’m guessing March 1st when the new season begins is when the XL updates will go live. Also anecdotally I’ve talked with locals today and read other forums where people have not gotten XL candy from catching a Mewtwo or Lapras from a raid.

This is huge. I have friend, that after few days we trade good stuff for 3 candy+ chance to roll good one. I waited for this feature so damn long!

Not at all, as they had already said from the start that they would introduce more ways of getting XL candy from the start.

As I have kept saying people just need to learn to be patient, it obviously wasn’t going to happen over a few weeks but over a few months instead. More methods will come over time, including XL rare candy

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In my opinion, if they release something, knowing at the time they are going to need to add more to make it viable, that simply shows they knew it was far from complete on release.

We shouldn’t have to be patient waiting for something they knew was necessary at the time of release.


Yeah…it’s not like its new content like “here, play around with this thing for a while and then we’ll give you something more once you’ve mastered that” its more like “here’s a stubby pencil that needs to be sharpened and doesn’t have a working eraser. we’ll give you an eraser later and a sharpener sometime but it’ll be one of those ones that breaks the tip off half the time. eventually you might get a good, electric sharpener or even a good mechanical pencil; but not now.”

tl;dr this isn’t a content update that adds to the experience, its dragging out something that should’ve been set from day 1. There’s no reason we shouldn’t have been earning XL candy from raids and trades from day 1.


Also @captpepperjack, cause I strongly disagree with that, in my eyes, really weird point of view: Pokemon Go was not “complete” at the beginning. It never will be. Of course they hold things back! Don’t see any problem. Just as they don’t release all legendaries at once, all editions at once they introduce features stepwise. Was never different and of course never will be.- It is a constant addition of new features inside the features. Just thinking about the in-battle Minigame for the charged move, which was completely different at the time of introduction. Huge amounts of XL candy definitely were NOT necessary at the time of release. What is “necessary” anyway? Just for you, to fulfill your level 50 dreams? Everyone had the same opportunity as well, so…

In the end I strongly second @Cordi - what’s going on here - it’s just a few months, not even half a year, since XL candy was introduced! I really hate this everything right now mentality…

Also anecdotally I’ve talked with locals today and read other forums where people have not gotten XL candy from catching a Mewtwo or Lapras from a raid.

I did 3 Mewtwo raids, got 1 XL candy. I didn’t use and Pinap’s on them (silver or normal). So XL candies ARE dropping, just at a normal rate for XL drops in raids.

Yep, I wonder if it’s 1-3 (with one guaranteed) in the future or just 1 with every catch. I also guess either march 1st or March 13/14 with a special weekend. Latest april 4th, easter sunday ;)

Delaying XL avenues hurts grinding whales worse than it hurts me or you, all we can hope for…straight up and above board release of XL means we lose. We’ll probably lose anyway, but at least it’ll take longer for that result.

Especially the players that put 2500+ rare candy into XL candy, “we” needed that to happen

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I think maybe you didn’t get my point. I’ll try to explain it a little better.

My point isn’t that everything should be done and released from the beginning. I think there’s a use and teaching element involved when releasing new features. For instance, it made sense to release gym battles first, to teach the basic mechanics of fighting, before releasing raids. It made sense to have PvP be open by invite, so people could play around with it for a while, before adding in GBL. Releasing 'mon at a slower rate so you can catch and play with them before new stuff is added makes sense too (esp. with power-creep).

But changing drop rates for a resource is something different altogether. We weren’t missing out on raids by taking gyms in 2016. We have missed out on all the XL candy from raids, trades, etc. that now have added/boosted drop-rates. Those were all things we were doing before that could have been earning us (more) XL candy. It makes no sense for that to have been a gradual release. Its not a feature like trading or raiding, its a resource drop. I fully expect to have new features added to the game; things like friendship bonuses, super special magic trades, new items, etc. But changing a resource drop and pretending that was the idea all along makes no sense to me.


But everyone missed out. It’s not that we really missed out anything… Or I still don’t get the point, sorry :neutral_face:

Yeeeeah…I’m probably not communicating the idea very well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, compared to everyone else, no trainer is behind another in opportunity. But let’s take raiding for instance. Maybe you raided a legendary a bunch a month ago. Spent some raid passes, etc. Now you see that XL candy for legendaries is going to become a guaranteed drop. Those raid passes could have gotten you XL candy if you had waited until now to use them. So you basically “missed out” on XL candy from those raids. And here’s the kicker: there’s no reason why you couldn’t have been earning that candy before. XL candy was still a thing. It was still needed just as much. So what reason is there for it’s drop rate to be changed (other than that is was pitiful and people complained)? It’s not a big personal gripe, it just doesn’t make sense to me why it wasn’t implemented earlier. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see your point now, but I think it is marginal and not really connected to XL candy, but more in general connected to the FOMO concept. You spend a resource and get something for it at that point and might gain a bit more in the future. But XL candy or not - there’s always a chance in a game like PoGo, that you get sth better for your resource later. Classical thing also a CD, even if that’s another level. You evolved a pokemon, possibly a hundo, and then a CD is coming. For better comparison, think about the time before CDs were introduced and then - all of a sudden - venusaur gets a much better attack you cannot have on your hundo. Hell on earth. I know, it’s different from XL candies, but the “wasted” resource is comparable. And this is what I meant above, PoGo is not laying down everything down to our feet all at once. Sometimes it’s bad, but honestly, XL candies are the least of what I could think about when it comes to waste of resources (or time) here.
In addition, you already had the chance of XL candy back then, it was just lower. And maybe your lvl 41 metagross or whatever secured you that one win in pvp and you got some three RC out of it? In the end: i think we should not think about wasting resources, we should focus on what we have, what we achieved and what we can do with it to spend some cool time in the game.

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But those raids would be unavailable when the feature is implemented.

You want a level 50 Kyurem, Kyogre or Groudon? You had to do enough raids to get the XL candy or wait what could be months or a year+ for your next opportunity. Those that could do such a thing did it regardless, just because they can even with the knowledge that they could just wait a while longer for it to be easier.

The guys with their level 50 Mewtwo… same deal. There is no real reason to convert that much candy into XL candy. There is no real reason to do that many raids to have enough candy to do so in the first place. They did it to be the first to do it, no other reason.

As with all premium games, if you want something “now” you pay through the nose to get it. Normal players like us are more moneywise, don’t have the expendable income to support it or are just happy to wait until it’s easier to do so.

This is Niantics game, they own everything in it including our accounts. They release content at the rate they chose and we have 2 options… go with it or find something else to play. Although if you find something else to play you are still playing under the same terms as this game.

You may think it’s bad business, but their billion dollar revenue proves otherwise… and that’s just fact.

Looking forward to hearing more about the walking for XL mechanism. Will it be a totally random RNG drop, perhaps somehow tied to excitement level of buddy (almost certainly some effect IMO, puffins for sale), could it be that the higher the mon level the higher the drop rate? Once ever four candy earned walking?

If XL candy is a high from walking… I’m going to actually be ticked off.

They have tied too many different conflicting needs into walking.

  1. Want a best buddy level boost… buddy
  2. Want to evolve certain pokemon… buddy
  3. Want to complete certain quest tasks… buddy
  4. Want certain species normal rare candy… buddy

But you only have 1 buddy. I get tired of saw wanting different features.

Anyway rant off… Needed to vent

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