XL Candy Update

You get rare candies from a buddy?

Rare as in walk an axew, deino, etc

I’m not that concerned anymore, I got this to 50 already (just now)

I am enjoying the ongoing debate about the fine points of XL candy, but let me ask a simple question. Is XL candy available for all spawning / wild catch Mons at this point? I would hope so but what about Frillish which was just introduced to the “general” trainer population? Over the past week (??) I had caught 20+ Frillish ranging from level 4 to level 30 yet however I only had ONE single solitary XL candy until I got my second XL candy a few hours ago (from a level 30 catch)… a far cry from the estimate XL drop which sylph road and others have calculated. In contrast I have caught 654 bunnelby and received 265 XL candies. so what up? XL rate is lower for newly released Mons? I believe I got the first candy on the first catch (which seems to be the norm) and then nothing for 20+ catches?

Maybe Niantic released the Ghost Guppy and forgot to turn on XL drops (won’t be their first botched intro of a new mon) or maybe I am the least lucky candy boi in the world. Any thoughts or theories?

Welcome to rng ;)
Just for comparison, I have 5 xl from 15 frillish catches. 12 were from GBL though…

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XL rate is connected to their capture level, and partly cloudy weather is probably the most common weather condition.

Also take into account which part of the world you are.

Here in England we’re comming to the end of winter and start of spring, which means lots of rain soon so pokemon such as frillish will spend a lot of time being weather boosted which in turn means more XL candy

I kept with the same team I’ve been using won 3 out of 4 so far and GBL encounter reward was a regular Stunfisk…dotdotdotdot

Slightly off topic but I’m lvl 39 and sometimes (GBL for instance) get XL-Candy. Of course, they don’t appear yet when I go on the Pokemon screen; are they lost or will I get them once I hit lvl 40?

Is the XL candy from buddy walking live? Might still take years before I can use a 100% level 50 Umbreon in Ultra League and a 100% level 50 Gyarados in Master Premier.

I dunno, I put my screen shot of getting 3 stunfisk XL from a GBL reward, but then I got 3 shieldon from GBL rewards but I didn’t get any XL from those…my Bastiodon is 12/12/12 lucky so I actually would like some XL to really bring that its closest to 1500. I don’t really plan on using Bastiodon though

For trainers under level 40, getting XL candy from GBL is a visual glitch that has been acknowledged by Niantic.

The candy can’t be lost because you never had it in the first place. From what I’ve read on other forums, you won’t get them once you reach level 40.

I think that Bastiodon will barely need some, if any at all with that split. You needed a near Hundo before Go Beyond, so I think you should come very close to that without any XL.

Thanks ! I found it stange to get XL-C before I even was lvl 40

Have a 1476 old-maxed with 121212. I really wonder how tanky a 01515 XL is :D

Beyond stupid for sure :joy:

I had meant to BB this to get it to level 41, 1495cp. Not sure which would come faster: zero to BB or getting 17 more XL candy. Some of these “improvements/features” I don’t consider…for example my 32 Skarmory XL, that’s years

Well, it takes 14 days to get BB from scratch… so probably that :laughing:

i wasn’t aware of any xl update announcements, anyone have a link?


" Quality-of-life updates

We’re excited to share some updates to Candy XL that will help acquiring this resource in Pokémon GO be more fun and accessible.

  • Trading Pokémon will have a chance of rewarding a Candy XL for the Pokémon you’ve traded. The chance of receiving a Candy XL will increase the greater the distance between Pokémon catch locations is.
  • Walking with your Buddy Pokémon will now have a chance of earning you a Candy XL.
  • Catching Legendary, Mythical, or evolved Pokémon is now guaranteed to reward you with Candy XL."

It is not active yet though, but will go live later this month

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