Xl Lickitung and Xl Jellicent

I cannot imagine people having them in 1 month without literally spoofing or hacking the XL Candy counter, but it appears as if people already have them.

This is me after 5 months.

There are cases like Galvantula, Umbreon or Gunfisk where it’s realistically achievable in a span of a season or 2 events. These are not.

(Oh and people apparently have XL Chansey or Wobbuffet, which I think is also not possible w/o spoofs or hacking in a month)

So tell me how is this even possible? I’m at a loss. This is not a part of the game, and the XL system is anti consumer on stuff like this, nothing more.

I’ve never had seven-digits worth of Stardust at any given time and Ive been playing since the first week. :expressionless:

I’m slowly getting my XL Umbreon, Raichu, Skarmory, Galvantula, and Hypno to Level 45. :expressionless:

Maybe people just settle with non-XL Lickilicky though? Also, if some people play as intensely as you do, they could‘ve easily walked that XL Candy. Maybe also converted some.

Where did you meet them? Any screenshot of you playing in GBL or so? I guess people can have them via walking as well

In other people’s videos of course. And I meant in Youtube videos.

I myself had never encountered Chansey or Lickitung in GL and I do not play UL so I don’t run into XL Jellicent.

@PokeprofJulian it wouldn’t be enough for maxing even one.

Which walking distance do they have? 3km is possible that they have a maxed one, why not. Plus yea, spoofers are around as well.

3km is possible that they have a maxed one

You cannot get 296 candies in a month just by walking 3km unless you are VERY zealous at it. And I meant like poffins 24/7. I walked Swampert with Poffins from 188 candies, and by converting like 20 - 30 XL I got 296 in 2 weeks. And I alternate between Poffin and normal depending on time.

This is 7 candies in 1 day, and you will need 3 months, non stop, from scratch assuming raw walking. (And there’s no guarantee they will drop XL either, there’s a small chance they don’t) If I calculate correctly that is. Remember those aren’t Joltik or Larvitars either, which means that your only way out is your Buddy.

I don’t know who it was here from this forum walking/running 300km per week, but obviously that’d be between 70 and 90 candies. Per week. Without poffin.

Dont forget the people who put thier phones on a swing and just drift walk hundreds of candies


This is mine. Caught January 12 (I believe first frillish I got). Walked 369 km with it, plus I traded every single frillish I see with Friends or my wife.

It’s hard to get xl candy. It used to be imposible, now it’s time consuming. First time ultra premier run this season my jelli was at 2363 (first days of XL candy Walker sistem) and it was ok. But a lot of people I faced at that time (*uburnnn included) already had 2500 jeli and 2500 alotails. Yes, people spoof.

Got it to 2497 transforming candy into xl a week ago, and got to legend with this boy, I can’t tell you how amazing is it. It’s Like azu and drifblim combined. Very Bulky, quite fast, amazing typing.

As for licki, seems imposible to me at least withouth an event. With licki spawns been nonexistant, and the need of it to be level 50, you have to Walk more than 1.000 kms, and there are a lot of buddies I want to Power up before a thicker version of snorlax with grass coverage.


Jellicent and Licki have around the same walking distance.

It’s just you cannot hunt wild Lickitung unless a future season has it as a Tangela-like spawn.

Yep, getting jelli up is/was a lot easier than licki, with it appearing in the wild for one week not that rarely and being a regular reward in GBL. But i also think that walking licki around to XL is possible. That said i never saw a single one lvl 50 and UL is my favourite league. Saw two this whole season and they were lvl 44 or so. Could be that the others are higher than 2550 of course (where i never was this season), but fact is they’re more or less non-existent. In fact I mostly see lvl50 umbreons and galvantula. Some XL politoeds and really few jellis.

Mostly spoofers, I don’t like to play pvp, but curiously enough, I like to watch people playing in youtube, and the number of XL pokemon that the youtubers face off is incredible. And yes I know that technically to get XL pokemon is possible on regular ways, but it would be too naive to not accept that the majority are get by spoofing.

As I post some months ago, I notice that many players around my area become spoofers because quarantines, and because why to risk their lives to go to a gym to been able to do raids for free and possibly return with a virus that could kill your entire family. I assume that jump from doing for raids, to doing it for pvp would be too simple for them.

XL Chanseys is entirely doable for those who went hard during the Spring event where we had lots of wild Chansey spawns. Especially if they’re long-distance trading them for guaranteed XL candy. Several of the gold gymmers in my community have either a lvl 50 Chansey or Blissey from that event.

Frillish is harder, but not impossible. Especially if it has higher IVs, it won’t cost quite as much XL candy. Again, this can be sped up with long-distance trades. If the person has access to a map and specifically went after Frillish, it becomes even easier.

Some of the others are trickier for sure, but not impossible. Long-distance trades for XLs go a long way, and some will use a phone swing to get XL candy from their walking buddy while they sleep.

I don’t know if frillish is harder. They still appear in the wild, were frequent during the introduction week in the wild (didn’t care to catch a lot) and, as said, are a GBL reward. I didn’t mind getting frillish XL candy and have already more than 30. Chansey only 4. I’d say both are not that difficult that I’d expect too many spoofers. Licki is a different story. Has someone counted their appearance? :D

Also Jellicent @ about 2500 is somewhere between lvl 45 and 50, with higher IV that’s really easy to reach. Same for lickilicky, level even better, lvl 41 for a hundo, lvl 48 for best pvp IVs. Bottom line, @Mr-ex777 : just cool down a bit. No real proof of spoofers or similar, even though they might be here, it’s not that difficult to get these XLs!!

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I got a medicham from level 7 to 43 just be walking around :p rivals week got me the final 20 I needed so I did not have to buddy boost

Phone rockers are the real deal. Not spoofing.

Totally agree with that. Xl candy sistem is not as bad as it used to be. I feel it more like Powering up legendaries in the past were rare candy was more scarce. If you put resources in one specific mon, you’ll power it up eventually. Walking gyarados at the moment because of the xl candy (1 per km is just magic), the mega energy and the BB badge. Megas are the way to go in my opinion, at least nowadays

Haha, yea, where you at? Finished my 94percent gyarados last week and now am walking my purified swampert, lvl 41.5
Gyarados best value for money/effort since the early days i think. Mega gyarados useful, ML useful and rocket useful.

20 xl short, i’ll get there in 3 or 4 more days. Not sure what to do next, perhaps gengar or charizard for the same reason. Megas will be allowed one day in gbl, better be prepared I think