Xmas 4 Holy Samba Night Farming Guide :: Prepare the Lancers :fgo_quetzsmile:

:catwave: You know the drill :fgo_insane:

And here’s the webpage version if you prefer that.

So far I only have a few comps written out for the best lotto node, but just like last year, I’m gonna (attempt to) do all 7 nodes. Good thing @LeiCiel is helping this time around :fgo_bbgrin:

As usual, there will always be an F2P comp for each node.

A few updates, though…

  • Small layout changes: I thought it would be nice to have the servant pictures be bigger and the CEs to be smaller. Of course, I had to use April Fool’s art.
  • Web Published Version: Apparently people were getting locked out last year! So I made a web publish link. Do let me know if that’s buggy.
  • CEs will have an MLB icon: This will happen as soon as someone can find me the actual CE MLB asset :grimacing: I tried looking for it here and didn’t see it. (And if you have grafikz skilz, can you give it me as a transparent PNG, 100x100 px? Thanks.)

Use this thread to encourage others to spend rainbow apples to farm discuss the lotto, point out my math errors (follow @kayonov’s lead), and help us troublesheet your own comp.

Remember: these are ideal comps. If you have lower skills levels and need some help with your own calculations, post them here and we’ll help.

Helpful Resources



My Ereshkigal is ready :fgo_quetzsmile:


I’m allergic to RNG. Any comp that involves hunting for crits or for extra NP charge via cards is out.

Would be nice to put NP5 Eresh and Hokusai to work, though. They’ve been slacking most of the year.


Hey, I don’t know what’s different but I get the pictures to load without converting to pdf first :fgo_arashsmile:

… But I’m probably just going to use my Arash/Paracelsus and Zerkalot comp from Gilfest anyway…


The CE gives 15/20 stars on entry

It’s like Carp but instead of starting NP gauge it gives Buster/Quick +8/10%

you can stop being a fake whale now


Sooo I don’t see it yet but can I just assume brain dead skadi 5 slot with Parvati or valk will work? I hate rng farming


But I still have to get a workable spread of cards and select them. A simple task that becomes too much for lotto spam, especially if I have to hope for an Arts card, too.

Time for Parvati or Dantes 5-slot yet again, I think :frowning:


yeah that’ll work

But it’s not 6-slot :(


Cool less ce drops I gotta worry about too


I’ll always be there to point out your math errors, Jake

But not now cuz it’s late


I am not mentally prepared… :catcry:


Yeah I could barely get myself to do 6-slot Jarcher during Gilfest when I had the CEs for it because it took so much more time. I MLBed early again to drop my CE count and go back to Dantes.


Probably because I uploaded a lot of these instead of hotlinking

And there’s really not that much on here yet…


I believe in you :fgo_ereshlove:

No, dude, same. I just DSS’d everything. Screw plugsuit.


I’m debating whether I wanna use my SR ticket on Valk and use her for DSS, or use it to get my Parvati to NP2 and just use her.

NP2 Parvati seems like it would make it more consistent, but I also do want Valk for love/collection purposes.

Either way though im gonna be going DSS for the lotto.

Well if you plan to try and dss Christmas I would say get Parvati to np2

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Are you gonna roll for the Valks in the future?

I haven’t done DSS calculations yet but NP1 Valks seems consistent

NP1 Parvati has arguably less RNG



I dunno how she does at NP1 with just a normal Kscope :eyes:

It might be worth bringing plugsuit and like another buffer just for more consistency (Helena, Merlin, Ozy, etc.)

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