Xmas 4 Holy Samba Night: Plans, Discussions, Progress Reports

Although it hasn’t been announced yet, whether it starts later this week or early next, I think we’re close enough that this thread has merit now, and I think we can start sharing goals/plans for the event, and later progress reports and such.

Farming setups guide can be found here: Xmas 4 Holy Samba Night Farming Guide :: Prepare the Lancers :fgo_quetzsmile:
Roll thread can be found here: Cover Your Eyes and Mute Your Sound! It's the Holy Samba Night Roll Thread!

Also there’s this guide for support lists:

As for my own plans, this will be the one and possibly only lottery event ever that I’m willing to spend rapples on, since I desperately need:

  • both bronze mats from the lottery (fangs and bones)
  • one silver mat from the lottery (crystals)
  • hearts, which drop from 6th intensive training
  • both mats dropping from the final node (claws and feathers)

I’ll enter the event with 122.5 effective gapples as well as (at least) 129 rapples, with a couple more free rapples incoming from 2 SR bond level upgrades (Jailter and Santera need less than 10K points now), login bonus, finishing the weekly missions and whatever we get from the calendar.
I also got a couple more SR and SSR lined up which should reach the next bond level over the course of the event, and the event is giving us an effective 28.5 gapples (only counting gold and silver), a few SQ and 3 bronze apples per box.
So my ‘free’ apple budget for the event should amount to a bit over 300 gapples worth of AP.

My minimum goal is 400 boxes, which thanks to FGA is actually realistic this time (on manual farming, I’d never manage much more than 200). I’ll shoot for 500+, though, and I’m willing to sacrifice one large pack of SQ for the cause, if necessary (though I’ll keep at least 15 paid SQ for the NY GSSR).

Clearing the entire shop except for monuments/pieces should happen automatically from farming 1st-6th intensive training, so I’m not worried about that.

My current roadmap:

Day 0/1:

  • Clear story nodes asap
  • clear the first 3 nodes once each asap
  • farm 1st Intensive Training with all available 3* CEs until the 1st lottery CE can be bought
  • then farm Dead Lift node until 2nd CE can be bought
  • then farm 1st IT again for lottery until I’ve got 5 belts
  • 1 obligatory clear of Muscle Paradise with support gacha CE (hopefully there’ll be an MLB one available)
  • now farm Squat node until I can buy 3rd CE
  • go back to 1st IT farming lotto currency until have another 5 belts
  • run Muscle Paradise once more
  • farm any mics missing for 4th CE on Squat node and buy it
  • farm 1st IT a bit more with all lottery CEs equipped until I have cleared the first 10 boxes
  • clear available EX match with max possible bonus

Day 2+3:

  • clear next story chapter asap
  • clear EX match with max possible bonus
  • casually (not many apples) farm latest node with 6-slot setups (assuming I get a CE drop early enough)

Day 4+5:

  • same as 2+3, but now invest enough apples to farm until respective shop currency is cleared (except pieces)

Day 6:

  • start like days 2-5, but
  • invest at least some 40-50-ish gapples worth of AP, to get lots of hearts (in addition to clearing mic shop)

Day 7+:

  • finish story, clear EX matches and CQ
  • go bonkers on final node

Day-by-day plans will vary by my actual workload, but rapples shall be sacrificed in greater numbers than for Gilfest since we have months to go until my next targets.

My farming is manual, so I’ll try to find something on TV that I don’t mind watching while tapping the screen for hours.


I’ve got 158 gold, 153 silver. Plan on using it up via FGA. Not touching bronze, I like having something for regular events. Will probably apple a bit early for the shop CE’s asap, but plan on mostly holding out for the final node.

Arash will finally reach max grail! Zerkalot will earn his bond CE and receive the December shop bond grail. Only 200k left till bond 10.

I imagine the majority of my farming will be arash double zerkalot. Hoping I can stick with artic version of the comp (8mil to level 8), but if not plugsuit chiron is primed and ready to go.

When not running arash double zerkalot, I’ll be running arash meme teams, must relish in the power of my max grailed arash with power mod! LANSAAA GA STELLAAAAA !.. or the rare 5 slot teams (probably only possible vs assassins tbh)

Unlike Gilfest, I don’t have a bunch of ex luck ssr’s to level, just a couple at FA but not max level, so I’m going to be burning embers by the box full for the first time. Which is good since I ended up buying be Graceful after all, then teatime and only have 2k mp left.


I have all of my teams ready and got around 90 gold apples total. Have to write essays and study for exams but hoping to do most of the farming myself instead of automated farming.
Expecting to clear everything and get the event servants bond up, really hoping the bond up will be enough to give 10-15 more quartz for the banner


i only have 42 Gold and 10 Silver :fgo_insane:

still wondering if i should just 4T the last node or do it manually for more drops :fgo_casgilworry:

I struggle using fga and the thread for it is so bloated. Any chance I can get help from someone so I can actually use it

I don’t have a detailed road map like you do

I figure I’ll spend the early days on the Dead lift node (Silver; Shells). Then move on to Greed Labyrinth when it opens for Bronze and Front Square for Gold

BUT I’ll be paying attention to the drop rate on Hearts at Front Square bc if it isn’t somewhat good (I find a lot of times event drop rates are 1.5 - 2x worse, like if it costs 100 normally it might cost 150 AP/drop in an event USUALLY WORSE NOT ALWAYS) and if the drop rate isn’t some arbitrary number I come up with, I’ll use the Belts from the lottery to farm the Gold node that costs those instead of farming them with AP

I figure with the number of boxes I’ll be shooting for, I’m probably going to hit the QP cap even with the prep work I’ve done since Gilfest (had a list of about 35 4* and 5* Servants to max skill and got all the mats for them; the ones I have left cost only 600 million QP and I still have 300 million from Gilfest)

500 Boxes would mean I’d never need to farm Horseshoes or Crystals again, but I’m probably going to only hit 300-400 instead…it depends on if I go for Ruler Martha in the gacha or not (if not, I’ll at least throw 2 full packs of SQ refills farming; if yes, I’ll have to decide)


What I need from this event: Everything I can get my grubby mitts on :fgo_insane:

Gapple count: 143 :fgo_casgilworry:

Roadmap: Haven’t looked anything up other than the comps per node, I’ll see when actual event info drops.


Exactly this with the exact same gapple count.

Also expecting Zerkalot bond CE. Maybe Zhuge as well.


I’ll use the Eresh + Janta comp in order to 6 slot farm the last node and have a loooot of box in the end. Don’t care for the rest expect to have Quetz Ruler

Saved over 200 apples (236 on main and 2nd alt, 319 on alt) for this moment, since I’m running a long-term deficit of 500-600 bones just for current skill up plans and future welfares alone according to FGO Manager. Need a healthy amount of fangs and crystals too in the short term, so this lotto is quite a nice boon – though embers and QP are about the last things I need.

I intend to run my apple stockpile dry on the last node, which means relying on FGA given the limited amount of time. I’ll keep an eye on the hearts node for the rates, but that probably isn’t a priority since I’ve already taken care of most of my pressing hearts needs. I’m expecting to run a modest 4-slot Arash setup so I can boost exp on Arctic… from preliminary estimates, I should get over 30 mill exp toward it, which will be nice progress. Arash should gain around 800k bond, which will put him close to bond 11. The question is, do I bond him yet again with December’s bond grail? Decisions, decisions!

FGA is actually surprisingly easy to use, it’s just that the interface and options seem a lot more intimidating initially than they actually are. And the main instructional video is frankly a bit too overlong for what is actually largely self-explanatory. Here’s a decent video that’s a bit more to the point: https://youtu.be/Q63IG_luIz0?t=247


  1. Download latest version of FGA from your app store and open the app.
  2. Click on Auto Skill and the Plus icon.
  3. Name the script, set the support servant you want to search for in the “Preferred Servants” section.
  4. Set preferred support CE in Preferred CEs (optional, can just use in-game CE filter instead).
  5. Set Party slot number in Party.
  6. Create your actual command script in Command. abc, def, ghi correspond to skills 1-3 for each of your three frontline servants. Master Skills --> jkl corresponds to your three mystic code skills, order change allows for plugging servants in from backline. Enemy 1, 2, 3 lets you target specific enemies if necessary. Attack lets you specify your servant NP; click next wave to specify commands for the next turn. Click done when you’re done setting commands for all 3 (or more) turns.
  7. Face cards are handled automatically in Card Priority, you can tweak the preferred order if you like.
  8. When you’re done with the script, go back and select Script Mode, Battle, then Toggle Service. Hit the play button and select your preferred script you made in the Command Script section and press OK to start running it.
  9. You can select how many times you want to run the script in the Refill section.
  10. Script Mode --> Lotto will let you open lotto boxes automatically. Gift Box will retrieve gift box items. Friend gacha will let you pull the fp gacha automatically. Support Image Maker lets you customize servant and CE selections.

That’s pretty much all you need to know, see the videos for more details.


I only have around 180 gapples so i won’t farm as hard as i did on Gil fest, december is also a bad time to have this kind of event but i hope i’ll be able to reach 100 boxes.

My main priority is getting Quetz Ruler since she’ll never come back.

I have a total of 143 Gold, 95 Silver and 350 Bronze apples (200+ effective GApples). I plan to use as many as I can since it’s gonna be a while until the next thing worth spending them on anyway. No rainbow apples because I’m not a spender, so I can’t justify that.

Current plan is to go slowly, running full bonus on regen AP until 4th Training opens; then start appling with 3 -turn setups to finish the shop quickly (5-6 slotting the nodes if possible), and hopefully snag a CE drop before 7th Training opens. Then I’ll test the consistency of 6-slot setups on that node. If it ends up being consistent enough, I’ll be using FGA to spam the shit out of it - if it’s only semi-consistent, I’ll do manual 6 slot farming as time and fatigue permit and use FGA for a consistent 5 slot setup inbetween.

Hoping to break my record of 205 boxes from Nerofest 2019 - that was before FGA was a thing and my roster was a lot less well-rounded. This lottery is more worthwhile than Gilfest to me overall since I need 3 out of 4 mats, so I can test my limits again for the first time in a while (during Gilfest I went relatively slowly and stopped appling halfway through because I was content with 100 boxes).

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I really hope the event drops this weekend, because I was forced to take next Monday and Tuesday off, so it would be a perfect opportunity to farm, and after that, it will be a madhouse. I’m even working on the 26th… T_T

As for plans, I only have a little over 110 effective gapples, with 50 SQs. I will buy a big SQ pack for rappling for sure.

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Right now I only have 87 gold apples and 48 silver apples so I don’t plan to farm a lot and I will do it manually.


  • Get Samba Quetz
  • Reach at least 100 boxes
  • Clear shop
  • Raise all the Lv1 SSRs I have lying around…

The first three days I will rely on natural AP and after that I will start appling with full focus on the last node, which I think is the only one I can 3T.

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You guys have goals?

Im a bit discourged since i barely 4 slot nodes but i’ll do my Best, i guess

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Like usual I aim for a 100 boxes but considering Gilfest I’ll probably overshoot it.
I’ve got around 200 apples so it should be more than enough for that, potentially some feather farming in Prism rerun and getting enough new ascension materials next Valentine.

I actually don’t need a lot from this lottery so the goal is to reduce my bone deficiency but I won’t complain about getting a surplus of the other materials.

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As for preperations: I have a safe comp for the best Gold Mats node in Marie + DSS.
I didn’t want to believe it at first, but she can actually cleanly 3T that node, which makes me happy, since I can get some Bond Levels on her. Just sucks, that we don’t have her Animation Update yet. That would have been so good.

And as for the final node, it will be Hildr + DSS for 5-Slots and MAAAAYYYBEEEE if I actually manage to get enough CE drops, I’ll switch to Ereshkigal + Parvati 6-Slot-Comp.

And with that, I hope for AT LEAST 200 Boxes. But since the timeframe is much smaller for the best lottery-comp, than during GilFest, I’m sceptical. Even more so considering I have quite a bit of RL stuff to take care of during this time of year.

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I’m kinda glad my family hates each other; that way I have all the time to farm!