Xmas Degen Farming

Tmw the best node is out but you can’t farm until the end of the day smh.

So, have the sand drops been worth taking extra turns?

But Robin and Altera, barely scratch the paint off Salter’s visor.

My Caster Gil might help with his 28% buff to arts cards, but I doubt that’d make that much of a difference to Robin’s NP.

Archuria’s Team 3T 99% ( must be unlucky to have all card on 1 turn but who knows … )

Audio only for the last wave, that last hit :bomb:


Mashu/Gil/Memerlin in 5-6 turns saber node but man I only got one CE drop and I rolled 20 boxes.

Appreciate it. Trying to farm feathers for Ishtars skills. I should check what Gil’s skills cost and such are.

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My current set up for for the seventh Gate.

It’s a fairly consistent 3 turns, but if I get really unlucky with MHXA’s face cards in the first two waves or with general card placement it can sometimes end up 4 turns, I usually want an MHXA/Ishtar buster card on the last wave to guarantee 3 turns, other wise it can require a little bit of luck.

Basically use Ishtar’s timed attack buff, then Nuke the first wave with Ishtar, 2nd wave use wavers buffs on Ishtar plus her own battery and charisma then NP again and finish with a couple of face cards.
3rd wave provided I was able to get the 20%NP needed for MHXA from face cards in the first 2 waves(usually not a problem), I’ll then pop MHXA’s 2nd skill, use the NP damage up on Fragment of 2004, as well as its buster star weight skill if needed, lead with either MHXA/Ishtar buster Crit and then MHXA’s NP on Salter and usually the 3rd card will finish off the last pleb enemy.
It can sometimes be a bit finicky trying to get the 20% np gauge needed for MHXA in the first two waves and rng can screw the card placement from time to time, but otherwise it works fairly well, also not needing plug suit is a welcome change.
It was a nice surprise when I found out the other week that my MHXA would be really useful here.

Is Heaven’s Feel MLB? If not, BEA is better.

If you have an MLB Aerial Drive or Holy Night Supper, consider reducing bonus by 1 in favor of using that CE on Santera or Robin to boost damage output.

Other than that, my main suggestion would be to level Santera to lv80 as soon as you can, and if you haven’t already, use FP to gain fodder CEs to level the 3 Merry Sheep you’re putting on your archers to at least something like level 12-16, to boost their Attack.

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Santera is a huge help for this node. She easily oneshots the wave 2 mob without needing to use her own buff as long as she has a levelled HNS equipped, and makes a ton of stars to have either her or whatever wave 3 dps you use crit down Salter.
For people struggling with consistency on their runs, I highly recommend levelling her (and investing into her second skill, and potentially skills 1 and 3 if needed - not needed for my setup).
Using her generally requires dropping to 4 slots, though. Consistency vs drop efficiency - I prefer the former at this stage due to apples being less limited than time and sanity for me.


I think it depends on how insistent you are on 5 slotting it. HNS/Caster Gil/Waver should put a fair dent in Salter. Also Inkaflare’s post directly above mine has some good advice.

My 7th gate comp. 5-6 turns unfortunately. F2P and not a whale or dolphin.
So, i think its pretty decent already. So far, 3 CE drops and lottery box 24.


Delete the last sec of the vid.
When you are done recording make the option to shake the phone and it will stop automatically.
And nice comp with f2p.

Same here xD

Mine is at 70 and he still clears it just fine.

Having a leveled MLB BG (specific attack number is in the spreadsheet in the first post) is more important.


Swapped CEs, btw.



W1: Arash @ MLB IE
W2: Santera @ 50%
W3: Robin @ MLB HNS
Support: Waver
Slot 5: Mozart/CasGil

So since I can’t get a 3rd ce for the life of me I decided to use golden carp so I can crit consistently in case torture technique doesn’t go off surprisingly very consistent between MHXA’s quick/star gain skill and her star weight skill lowering wu’s star weight

Also 60 boxes only 2 drops it’s Nerofest all over again


Yeah, tried doing it earlier with Emiya instead, but once I switched to her, 3T became much more consistent, only occasionally need to dip into 4 turns/ Here is what I am running

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Will do, once I’m done with MHX. She’s alredy 85 so, 3 more boxes to go…

Christ, 60 embers for 5 levels.

It IS a grind.

My perfect W2 for gate 6, lol.
Full buster brave chain starting with Eresh NP, everything is dead. It didn’t live to see her 4th hit.