Xmas Lotto Farming—3T Setups or Max Drop Bonus?


No, really, I’m interested to hear :p
Just started to look at THIS wonderful Xmas Prep/Farm guide, and… like most people, I imagine, I’ll have to make the choice between quicker farming (should I choose to accept the task) and that extra drop bonus.

I may have an NP5 EMIYA (and an NP4 Cat, I suppose) or not, but I also DON’T have any key farming Servants for speed-farming/3-Turning the lotto node, like Waver, Gilgamesh, Caster Nito, or (a leveled) Arash.

Farming is best done fast, of course—but if it can’t be done GUARANTEED maximum speed/3-Turn, and you’re not planning on farming too horribly hard anyway… is the extra 1-2 (depending on luck/supp list) lotto drop worth it?

(Ie, I’m used to 5-6-turn farming QP: use the first wave to top off my Cat or Fran n supp Drake, and just NP the last 2 waves :p)

EDIT: As you’ll see later, I made a quick spreadsheet detailing the maximum lotto drops per run PER DROP BONUS (up to 8, for the lulz) for all the Gates/40 AP farming quests! :D For those of us who prefer hard numbers and want to see what THEIR best farming node is, based on how many Merry Sheeps they can comfortably squeeze into their teams~

Seems like you’ve answered you’re own question: It’s generally better to optimize for speed at the cost of gains-per-run - if you have the setup that can guarantee a fast clear and have the apples to run many, many runs repeatedly to compensate for the lower per-run productivity.

If you’re short on time or AP refills or don’t plan to hyper-farm, it’s better to squeeze out as much drop bonus as possible per run.

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It kind of depends on your goals, I mean it wouldn’t be a big deal if you went with a 5-7 turn clear. I’ve cleared over 40 boxes that way before with an alt but if you’re hoping to hit around 100 or more it’s a lot better to 3 turn so you can do more runs

Related Inquiry.

I recently Summoned Nitocris, Tamamo, Midrash (NP5) and Wuu. I’m assuming Nito would take priority for farming sessions and should be leveled first?

As for the actual question. I think I’ll do a mix of both. Depending on the node, battle effectiveness over resource efficiency will be much more preferable. Ill be starting late too due RL responsibilities, so that might shift me towards battle efficiency.

Considering I don’t have optimal team comps, as well as not really being able to stand continuous farming (only opened 17 Nero boxes, used only a few apples and never more than one in a row), I think I’m just going for bonus so I can get what I can get with mostly natural AP.

As others have said, if you’re planning on getting A LOT of boxes like me then farming 6+ turns can be very tedious and mentally draining. If you can do it then power to you, go for the extra drop bonus.

First thing’s first. Level that Arash and his S3 to at least 5. Whether it be lotto events or general farming he’s a godsend. He can be used in pretty much all the lotto nodes and will make your life that much easier if you want the faster clears.

Second of all, just because the saber node is the most “efficient” for lotto drops it doesn’t mean it will be the best node for you. You may find that you can run a reasonably high drop bonus in ~4 turns in a different node (e.g. assassin node), if you need help with that then you can give a general overview of what servants you do have and we can help you find what node + team could be reliable for you. The saber node is the hardest node of the lot and will only be around for so many days anyway, it may be better focusing on the previous nodes.

That depends on how much you’re aiming to farm (a number of boxes as a goal), how motivated you can be to farm, and the balance between quick clear: drop bonus. You may find that using one extra bonus CE gives you 5-6 turn clears whereas you need about 9 for two extra bonus CEs. I’d prioritise speed over drops, but ultimately everyone finds their own balance and you can adjust your strategy as the event proceeds.

tbh it’s not bad to do this but I can tell you two servants who would make your job easier in this case: Arash and Spartacus. Arash can clear wave 1 on turn 1 with level 5 S3 and MLB IE or Kscope if you have either of them (even a single IE with the Mage Association MC would do the trick). Spartacus with level 10 S2 can deal with any of the 3 waves and can equip 50% start CEs if he can be given 20% extra charge (cough Waver S2 and 3cough. Either of your 4 star berserkers can be used with 50% charge CEs and charged up with support Waver. Just a thought for you to speed up things because QP Hell is a real thing that is frustrating to deal with.

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Farmed over 130 boxes during Nerofest whith 4-5 turns per run :fgo_deadinside:
One more thing to consider - phone battery life puts another timelimit\downtime on you. Now will sacrifice drops for more runs, to get most runs out of limited time.

Also I think I’ll go crazy(er) from constant “ACHILEEES” screams. Yeah Pent for every node looks like fastest option for me :fgo_buster:

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A lot of people vastly overestimate how many apples they can use in a given amount of time, both because of the actual time lost due to loading screens/bad RNG/inattention making them take longer per run on average than they thought, and fatigue/boredom after farming for a while.
If you have anything above 30 Gapples total, I’d definitely prioritize a 3T farming team that you can preferably automate over running 6 drop CEs at the cost of taking 7+ turns to clear.
Christmas is a busy time of the year for most people, plus the nodes are timelocked. You won’t have nearly as much time to farm as you did for Nerofest. And that’s on top of how difficult this year’s nodes are actually.


I’ve been trying to get rid of my golden apples during farming events for a good year now. Dropped from 130 to 101 apples during Nerofest and somehow ended up with close to 150 again (if I remember the exact amount correctly). The boredom factor plays a big role indeed.


So, a few things—

  1. Xmas has 7 different nodes you can farm. Even if you can’t farm the Saber node (which, btw, is arguably the hardest farming node DW has ever made for FGO, even still on JP), you’re telling me you can’t farm any of the others? Not even Berserker?

  2. Two of the best farming servants for the Saber node are Arash and Santera. The Saber node drops on like day 7 of the event with B U C K E T S of embers in the lotto. Surely you can find enough embers to raise Arash and Santera. (It also gives skill gems and QP. The lotto helps you farm the lotto.)

  3. There’s a Robin comp there with a borrowed Waver. Yeah, RNG sucks and sometimes poison will miss, but it’s still a relatively quick clear compared to most F2P options.

  4. Don’t take everything in that sheet as The Word of God—I’m sure there are plenty of viable comps that I didn’t include just because I didn’t have time/I didn’t see them/I never dreamed them up/the RNG was too much for me to feel like they were worthwhile/some other reason.

  5. Yes, farming is best done fast. I’d argue that facecarding Round 1 and running a full bonus is better than 3-turning with a 3-slot setup, but generally this is the sort of min-maxing decision that comes down to how much you want to farm, what type of bonus you can run, the amount of time you have, and so on.

  6. Re:Nito, she’s only really key for that first setup or so. We can’t rely on ID and enemy HP values in this event are generally too high for her to be useful except when she gets class advantage. Running Nito also has an inherent opportunity cost, because it means you’re (probably) not running Arash, which means you only have 4 farmers instead of 5, which means you probably only have 1 support, which means your overall damage ceiling is low…and so on.

Good luck!


This is me. I run out of patience after about 6 or so runs in a row which is why I very, very rarely use more than 1 apple in a row. That’s why I have almost 350 apples (and over 200 silver ones), and why I only opened 17 Nero boxes. It’s also why I despise doing mat farming in FQs.

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Thanks for all the tips! :D
I’m not used to caring at all for 3T farming, but… lotto event, haha.

ADDENDUM: I made A SPREADSHEET! :D (Bc I’m anal and went all out doing the math + wanted to share… tl;dr, if cirnopedia’s correct, if you can’t 3T Gate 7 with at least +3/4 bonus (for 122/144+), go to Gate 3 with +5/6 (for 118/134+)!

Didn’t realize it also just so HAPPENED to start caring abt 3Ting… when the best lotto node is also the WORST farming quest to date >—>;;;

Either way! Leveled Arash + Spartacus both (+ did interludes etc), and I’ll see what I see about how I wanna farm when I get to seeing the pain of the hell node :b

Also, since I’m doing the math for it anyways…:
-Gate 7 has a base [no Ce’s] 20 total advantage of dust/lotto drops over Gates 5 & 6 (which have just 1-off dust drops); 56/run over 36-35/run
-It ALSO gets another +8 per bonus advantage over 5 & 6, since it has eight more individual drops of dust; 22/dust drops/run (and bonus/ce) over 13 dust/drops/run (and bonus/ce)

So, if you’re running Maximum Drop bonuses (lets just say 6, bc MLB’s from supports may vary)
-Gate 7 has a MAXIMUM dust/run of 188
-Gates 6 & 5 have a MAXIMUM dust/run of 114-113
-GATE 3 has a MAXIMUM dust/run of 134!

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I’m probably gonna be going for maximum drop bonus over speed. I normally can’t 3 turn event nodes anyway, and with how silly the upcoming ones sound it’ll probably stay that way. Besides, Christmas break just started and I’ve got nothing but time on my hands

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Probably max bonus. Idc if it takes an extra turn or w/e, the actual farm is not a high-priority for me and I don’t expect it to be terribly difficult to clear the shop + ~50 boxes. Probs not anyway. Ain’t Counterfeit where I intend to nolife much as I can lol. Ugh wanna rainbow apple but can’t.

Join the dark side :fgo_bbgrin:

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