Xmas Lotto Prep

Coming off of NeroFest, I’m sure lots of us are thinking—man, I didn’t open enough boxes.

Fortunately, Xmas is right around the corner. :)

I made a document similar to the NeroFest one that was circulating that details some high-output 3-turn setups for the best lotto node. (Will eventually add the 3 best nodes.)

You can view it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1448wbABDw8yAxHQtzg05uytlNmwSsaHIx-GmrtK-EqY/edit?usp=sharing

Would love some more suggestions for comps to include (with videos, if possible) and for you to double-check my math. :grimacing:

Anyway, I hope this is helpful as you prioritize who to roll for/who to raise (yes, Ishtar works if she can get crits). Gilgamesh is, obviously, the king for this node.

There aren’t any f2p comps on there right now but I’ll add some in the coming weeks. Would love suggestions for those too. :)

Xmas Event Information: http://fate-go.cirnopedia.org/quest_event_20171215.php
NP Damage Calculator: https://maketakunai.github.io/
Gamepress Command Chain Calculator (for calculating crit damage): https://grandorder.gamepress.gg/command-chain-calculator
CE Stat Calculator: https://www.saberofavalon.com/fgo/cecalc/


Now hold up here

You were the almighty saviour who made the NeroFest Google Doc? :fgo_shock:
I just want to say that I truly appreciate your hard work


I was not! This is just modeled off that one.

Now somebody get to work on Da Vinci


Ah I see. Either way, I appreciate your hard work for this one :catdance:


You said a while ago that

Arash/Santera/Kuro/Waver/Tamamo works for a 3-turn if you have MLB IE and a Kscope. And a Kuro :fgo_illya:

I’d really like to see some that don’t have waver and merlin and a ssr archer I don’t have.

This is huge, jakey. Thanks for the hard work!

It’s basically Archers galore. Luckily the welfares and Arash should come in handy for the f2ps!

Personally I can replicate most of these setups with the right friend support - the only issue is that I lack MLB IE or Kscope for Arash. This constantly bites me in the ass…

Also, if we get the rerun’s nerfed version right away, 3turning this is gonna become significantly easier.


Yeah, I can double check the math on that.

Will probably require a leveled HNS + RNG luck due to Magic Resistances.

My hns is ready at lvl 100. Just don’t ask for black grail… Still avoiding me.

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Yeah, Arash + Santera mean your only issue is the final wave!

I don’t have Kuro, but if you do have her I imagine Kuro + Santera + friend Waver will be plenty.

There’s also a Tomoe setup I saw that I want to include, if anyone is rolling on her banner.

BG would require double Waver so that’s not happening. :)

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First of all, thanks for sharing and the hard work.
What NP level is Gil at for the 3/4 Turn run with crits?

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Good effort, also if I may add a quick suggestion : I assume this is based around plugsuit but specifying this might be a good idea.

LE: Yeah, I’m too sleepy for this right now, I saw it in the left column when I expected it in the explanation one or title.

All the NP levels + calculations are in their respective setups. You’ll have to calculate crits for yourself (maybe I’ll add them?). I can add crit buffs to the final column for reference.

@Mistwalker I do mention Plugsuit in the team comp section, right next to the CEs. Column F.

Is anybody viewing this on mobile? The servant images aren’t showing up when I open this on my phone.

Showing up just fine on my end.

Also, thanks for the hard work. Sad that, given that I’ll likely be swamped with work when this node comes out, I doubt I can farm it as hard as Nero Fest. :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure of the dates but they look like tney’ll Be before Xmas to give us a week or so for the LB Prologue.

Which is too bad because before Xmas is when everybody is gonna be crazy busy.

Yep, I see where you mention plugsuit now, my bad.
The images show fine on my pc but I don’t see them on my phone

Google docs wasn’t showing the pictures, but opening in Samsung’s spreadsheet app brought up the pictures.

JP’s schedule has the event’s last day on Christmas itself so I was planning on that since I’ll be busy with work on Christmas itself. But if the event drops sooner then I can farm a lot more. I’ll be happy with even just 80 or so boxes.

Yeah, I tried to freeze the column so it would be better for desktop.

I’ll look into the images. Maybe I’ll just download + upload them instead of linking from Appmedia.

Thankfully I think the best node is open for 5 days. So that’s plenty of time to farm especially since there aren’t any CQs to do.