Xmas Lotto Prep

I’m happy to help. :)

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Arash can clear the first wave just fine without any external buffs, so I’d use the defense buff instead of the attack buff.

Santera needs a little help clearing the Ugallu in one shot unless you give her a leveled offensive CE.

And yeah, Ishtar relies on crits. Plugsuit + Shakespeare can help her a good bit; if you’re good on charges, Anniversary Blonde would give a bigger boost + more crit consistency assuming you pull an Ishtar card.

@belluchi yes, thanks. :) Manhattan is always fun but I never actually get time to enjoy it whenever it go. It’s too expensive to book an extra night and or take the next day off :grimacing:

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If you are in dire need of gems then by all means go hard on Christmas. But speaking as someone who went super hard on Nerofest I am basically sitting on 200+ gold gems for each class but not enough mats (mainly shortage on the Bronze and Silver ones) to actually use those gems, and it is not as if Da Vinci does not give gems at all, there’s 20 each of the three types of all classes in the shop. The monuments in Da Vinci are just filler, the real deal is the dust, proofs, bones and crystals.

Obviously ration your apples at your own discretion, but I believe most people will find Da Vinci more desirable to farm in.

I’ve got close to that in red and blue gems, but I only made a dent in my secret gems needs and was more held back by qp… Had to choose between 1 maxed skill or 3 lvl 6 skills on my new sakura face after enkidu, Holmes, and Martha ruler ate all the nerofest lancer gems…

U r right. I forgot I’m using HNS for Santera so IE is free to use here. So now both Ishtar and Santera will have Waver’s buff. Thanks man :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve got far fewer than L11 and feel like I’m basically in the same position as they are. Here’s how I feel about it. Obviously, you do you, I’m just talking 'cause uh I like to talk and share my perspective.

  1. The Christmas lottery this year, even if I can 3T it I think at all points (my own Merlin/Waver/Gil, some free time, raised up Para/Shishou, L100 HNS/BG, other junk), is still easily the most frustrating of all lotteries. And heck, Counterfeit RR itself has 30/50% charge currency CE which makes it incredibly easy to 3T. Frigging Chacha of all people sees use in deleting the Saint/Dragon Witch in some comps. It’s just super-convenient.
  2. Far as the mats go: I only care for Ridermilla, Asc, Wu (8/8/8, not a priority), and Shinjuku Archer, rest of whom I can actually worry about fluid-wise if/when I get them, and at least two of whom aren’t for literal years. Heck, even Hiji I can just borrow. I literally have almost 200 lanterns - enough for priorities of Dantes + Drake + Gray + Tamamo if I get the 3 gacha ones… even before the KnK RR. I am indeed low on babies for Fran (and later Asc/Avice), but short of unexpected Surfdred/Ridervinci/Dantes, whatever. True seeds are meh, but they’re one of the easier silver mats.
  3. As specifically concerns Counterfeit RR: 4 dust/bones/proofs/fangs is amazing when everyone that wants them asks for obscene amounts, more pages is not unwelcome, crystals are a low-key PITA mat, and more horseshoes/jewels isn’t bad. Just by virtue of having A Lot Of Dust/Bones/Proofs, when everyone needs so many of the jerks, can make one very future-proof. (Compare, in order, how many Gil/Karna/Golden/Skadi/Para/Gray/Nastya, Gray/CasShuten/Shiki/Tamamo/Nito/Drake/Fran, and Karna/Yagyu/Kagetora/Lanling/Golden/Valk/Gil ask for, to say nothing of certain favorites I intentionally left out.)
  4. As an extension of 1., future lotteries are so much easier to nolife, like how if you have your own Waver you can Para/Sieg/2x Waver BINY full stop, and all of them are IMO very high-priority to raise in general anyway. Never mind if I, pray to RNG, roll Skadi; but even if you don’t, Skadi’s existence as a debuffer, Q+, and targetable 50% charge alone makes future lotteries substantially easier even if you’re budget. To not even elaborate further on Sieg or talk on Sun(ta)/MechaLiz/Jaltzerker/Gray/Hokusaber.
  5. While I’d like being able to glances e.g. raise skill levels for Li/Florence kinda/Bunyan/various SR and SSR Sabers, it’s nothing more than that, not until say Saber gets her SQ (I actually already got her 7/7/7, but pretend I didn’t okay? >_>). For a patient minmaxer like myself, that’s kinda key.
  6. In line with 4., all of them are more appetizing anyway: Christmas 4 has the tasty crystals/bones alongside bonus fangs, and typical XP/Gems; BINY 1.0 has dust/proofs and bonus babies (of course you do, Gil), and typical junk; BINY 2.0 only has proofs as most notable (nth iteration of jewels in lotteries lol), but who’s to say I don’t roll e.g. Hiji, or of my wanting to max a second Bunyan (maxed out Bunyan for low-rarity runs, only 4A 9/-/9 for taunt memes). Or uh raising Napo because reasons even though I got Gil.
  7. In terms of QP specifically, which I personally only focus on when I unexpectedly need to (never expected Bride, let alone Merlin, or Parvati), before accounting for lotteries, we will see multiple 1/2 AP Dailies with certainty: 2020 NY, 3rd Anni, 14M DL analogue, potentially Thanksgiving if we follow precedent, to say nothing of Raids (Apoc, Case Files), or the events where QP is actually farmed really well (AZO RR IIRC is acceptable, potentially KnK, raids, Summer 4), or non-event downtime if you are so inclined. (I typically farm Charlotte for dust/proofs then, because lmao dust/proofs, but hey it’s there after you complete the newest story chapter.)

Again… not like, judging, or w/e. People play how they play and that’s cool, but Christmas, despite the perfect timing with my not having classes and being prepared, is kind of the perfect storm of meh. Especially when I take into account Clairvoyance A+, and my personally not being a consistent roller, however much as I’d like to roll more/more people I like.


• Fixed Double NP Ishtar setup
• Added Double P Ishtar Merlin x2 setup
• Added 3-slot Tomoe setup
• Added 4-slot MHXA setup
• Added 5-slot Arash setup (4+ turns tho, needs MLB BG)
• Added an f2p Robin Hood/Santera setup (although CasGil makes it more consistent)

Looks like we’ll be done with this node pretty soon. :)

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even if Archer Inferno is your favorite, now is not the time.

Hey, think of it as giving her more off-time to play video games~

Also I’d personally suggest taking Mozart’s S3 higher regardless. Cheap, hella good Arts burst, very convenient time. It’s got its uses in general. :3

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Haha. It’s just that she’s far and away not the best choice for this—even the Penth comp is more reliable, I feel.

Will go through those videos you posted this evening and see what I can add.

Did you see the MHXA setup? Does it make sense how that works with a +4 bonus?

Yeah I’m mostly jokeposting with the Inferno bit. She’s such a cutie friend, I seriously can’t wait for her story appearance even if I ain’t rolling for her proper.

Did you see the MHXA setup? Does it make sense how that works with a +4 bonus?

I saw it, but don’t want to comment unnecessarily/give potentially unhelpful info, and my dumbass self forgot she has to do this thing called “eating” so I put it off for after that, ahah.

Now we’re talking! My speed. But good thing casgil is better, I never leveled Mozart and don’t have the bones for it now…

So, if you have kuro, with the 50% battery to replace the need for a charge ce, does it still work or is the poison bonus better? Not sure if kuro has the damage threshold for w3. And if the poison bonus is better, would a unleveled devilish bottivah for the overcharge be better than a lvl 100 hns?

Nope. Robin does more damage + scales better with outside buffs.

Demonic Bodhisattva is a garbage CE for nearly everyone. Robin gets an extra 25% bonus damage. (So 125% instead of 100%). Like get out of here, Kiara. Plus the split stats.

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Inclined towards HNS even before running any calcs for the Robin comp simply because it’s split stats vs 2K ATK + NP Up. DB is virtually never the best option, as it’s hamstrung by split stats, merely an interesting substitute in lieu of others (even on someone like Arash). Like, it’s certainly far from the worst or even outright badness IMO by virtue of being a 50/60% charger, but. Eeeh, eh.

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Did you see the MHXA setup? Does it make sense how that works with a +4 bonus?

I’d sooner slot a GS/HNS on Sun(ta) and simply slot some bronze people in the backline for added stability, and prioritize Sun(ta) to 10/9/- because she’s real cheap and easy to do so for and it lessens one’s having to lean on Waver’s 10% charge (no reason not to when her mats are so easily prepared beforehand), but yeah. Plus, 50 -> 70 puts her in the sweet spot of a Merlin-only owner being able to borrow Waver more easily. Really I just see no reason not to a suggest a not-Meridian for the calcs and not-10/9/- when GS/HNS are still super budget for a lot of folks.

The Ecchan numbers do track although I’m not immediately sure on the MS + 1x Waver/2004 comp. L10 2004, 50%+500 (Waver, Ecchan’s S3 L10), Ecchan’s S2 and MS’ Q+ (30+10), gives 331K-405K (368K avg) as I read it from the calc linked in the OP. Only if we assume MS is bombed to L100 for 2K ATK do the numbers look better, at 364K-445K (405K avg), which I’m personally not about to assume for a budget comp. Well, unless she’s also max grailed (435K avg), but that’s neither recommendable nor broadly applicable lol.

Just chiming in here to thank everyone involved for the group effort in building this sheet. It’s gonna be a huge help for the entire community to have all the possible comps in one place.


Thanks! Just wanted to help out.

This is good for me, too—forces me to think about the game in new ways and fill in the gaps in my knowledge about how some things work + get more familiar with a wider diversity of servants.


  • Fixed a lot of math because I can’t do attributes. Basically: Ishtar is worse than you thought, Tomoe is better than you thought, and Gil is more or less the same (but slightly worse).
  • Added double merlin double NP Shinjuku Archer comp
  • Adding a 3-slot Archuria (x2 Waver Lv. 100 BG) comp
  • Added a 6-slot Gil comp…do it for the meme, then switch to something more reliable, plz
  • Improved the 5-slot Arash double Merlin comp (really REALLY recommended for players who have Merlin but nothing else on this list)

Once Archuria is done…I think we’ll be out of ideas for the best node. Any requests for me to look into?


Thanks for all the hard work. Wish I could think of more F2P friendly setups… But looks like 3x drop is the best I can manage. Unless of course Gil gets his Thanksgiving banner and I get REALLY lucky… Or a Waver spook.

With luck I can macro at least half of the battle to make it less tedious.

I hope they give us the nerfed version, honestly.

Yeah. I can farm it nbd (which is kinda funny since I’ll be setting a cap for myself), but I’d rather appreciate it if my less-prepared friends could as well. >_>

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