Xmas Lotto Prep

Eww. I forgot Nito needed 60 Bones just to upgrade 1 skill level

Welp, it was only a matter of time until I hit Dust hell. For once, I’m actually trying to be ready for a lottery instead of waiting until last minute, and it seems I’m pretty well on track to have the team ready by then.

Thanks for the guide. It’s a Sheepmas miracle!


Yeah. We get 40 bones with the Xmas rerun and thankfully you only need to rely on Instant Death if she’s np1, so shouldn’t be too awful.

Unfortunately, leveling the CE won’t let her KO the weakest dragon at np1. So np1 Nito really needs to be 10/8/x.

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Glad I leveled Nitocris before everyone else started hollering for bones… Too bad fuyuki is about the only source of bones between now and then.
And for some reason I haven’t been in dust hell since Babylonia. At the time I was so glad that the story dropped so much dust…but no one has needed it since and I’ve got about 300 now.


That was more a comment on me remembering how many she needs to max everything, but that’s nice to know.

@Mysty I was behind on skill leveling for quite some time until NeroFest’s generous gains, so I ended up spending a lot of mats en masse, which ended up depleting my Dust numbers, among others.

BTW, what are your thoughts on putting EMIYA somewhere in there for his Hawkeye + UBW combo? I get the feeling he won’t hit the right damage benchmarks (though I have him at NP3) but would the crit stars dropped be useful for those who may need to rely on the crits?

They would be but Santera has enough damage + has a high-hitcount Quick NP + gets stars on her NP + has team support.

So there’s no reason to include Emiya, sadly.

Like I said in the doc, this quest was designed to be a Santera showcase.

I mean look at this NP

20 stars—not included whatever she drops from the 10 riding EX-boosted hits—is enough to let Gil or Shinjuku Archer score a critical. Ishtar will need more help for consistent crits depending on luck but you’ll get at least 8 stars passively from the drop CE to make that happe.

Any comp with altera probably needs her battery and np/crit strength skills maxed… I need more seeds, plumes and secret gems. Good thing Halloween 3 has a bunch of plumes in the shop cause I really don’t want to farm 20 of them :fgo_illya:

I listed skills. Basically, running Santera with a 50% staring CE and Merlin/Waver/Helena/Ozy as your roster allows means she only needs 10%.

Maxing her (targetable!) NP damage buff is way more important for this lotto.

The crit skill would also help, but bringing that to 6 is probably fine.

20% batteries are awkward b/c they’re Kscope and IE compatible but nothing else. You can’t give her a drop CE because 20% + Waver50 + Merlin20 = 90%. Yay more RNG!

Ah, forgot about the insta-stars on her NP.

Better bust out the planner, and the QP Team, for hers and Shinjuku Archer’s mats. He’s only at 4/4/4 at the moment never mind Santera.

Farming this node will help you farm this node with Shinjuku Archer since he needs stingers :fgo_illya:

I originally thought I’d have to max his battery, but nope—even the double NP setups wont need it.

(Although maxed it lets you run Lancer Raikou instead of Merlin if you don’t have him.)

Sigh, all servants my roster DOESN’T allow. And only one friend allowed. I’d better plan on maxing the battery to minimize rng. At least I don’t lack for kscopes anymore, got 3 plus mlb imaginary element.

Who did you pick for the 4* servant if not Helena?

The amazing arts crit enabler and golden husbando gilgamesh of course!

I picked him too :rofl:

Here’s hoping you get a Waver/Helena spook in the future :pray:t2:

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I actually managed to grab Merlin this past banner so I’m good on that end. I can finally run Merlin+Waver comps :fgo_illya:

Just checked and I have enough mats to max one skill (72 spinal fluid for a single skills is just disgusting BTW) and enough stingers for all three skills. Just need Seeds for Santera as I only have less than 10 right now but I can grab those along the way.


Any chance of np1 arjuna reaching the right damage levels? I’m guessing not, but the self battery and a few more stars per turn would be nice for merlin and waverless

I’ll have to run some calcs. Since Ishtar needs to rely on her insane crit potential—maybe? He’d probably need a CE to help him out.

25% batteries are awkward because you’ll need RNG to find that final 5%. Shouldn’t be bad with Arjuna’s QAAAB deck, but it’s still one more thing to think about.

I didn’t look at Tesla either—unfortunately he doesn’t get bonus damage against Salter.

Any other archers (or Berserkers) with batteries? :thinking:

The lotto gives fluids!

I’d go 3 —> 1 —> 2 if optimizing for this lotto specifically.

Keep in mind he’s a risky choice (especially at np1) since he’s reliant on that defense down. It might be safer to stun Salter and knock out the basilisk with a crit just to save time.

72 fluids for a single skill though… Good thing it’s only for bringing it up to level 9. I can probably get away with keeping skills 1 and 2 at 8 and bring his Evil Charisma up to 10 for the extra damage.

Sparty? Chacha? Not sure if they have the damage thresholds either