Xmas Lotto Prep

^ np1 Arjuna, assuming Lv 100 HNS, Lv 10 Mana Burst, and 10/x/10 Merlin, is not nearly enough.

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I know. I have Hijikata, Shinjuku Archer, Resistance Rider, and Assassin of Nightless City who NEED SO MANY FLUIDS WHY

All those stingers are going to CasGil. 54% drop rate what up :eyes: And we get lanugos too.

If you want berserker with battery, then there is Kintoki. He is propably enough for second wave

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Looks like Arash/Santera/Waver/MHXA will be enough. I’ll add that as a 3-slot setup (and maybe you can use Royal Brand instead of plugsuit?!)

It’ll be 4-slot with double Waver plugsuit.

@Kastian forgot about him. Good idea. I’ll run numbers.

Oooooh… Ecchan’s time to shine I see… :eyes:


Yeah! With Santera and her upgraded skill you get 40 stars + passive stargen from the CEs (so 6-8) + stars from Santera’s NP hits…that’s plenty for a crit turn.

It would look like:

arash@MLB IE
Santera @ MS
Waver @ MS
Support Waver @ MS

Arash nukes wave 1.
Double Waver charge Santera. Nuke wave 2.
Santera charges MHXA from 90% to 100% and buffs her NP strength. Plugsuit attack buff. Np2 MHXA assuming Lv 100 HNS does an average of 306298 and np2 does an average of 408064. Np3 and above will KO salter regardless of RNG.

Might not be able to add that to the spreadsheet until tomorrow evening, unfortunately.

Does Archuria double NP also work…?

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Damn you for getting my hopes up. :fgo_jeannu:



You can still run a 3-slot setup!

I would anticipate them moving the date. I went and looked and they moved the first Salter event up. Ended 12/25 on JP but ended 12/11 for NA.

We seem to be working on building that gap up right now, I think. Started Halloween Rerun about 10 days early.

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Also, way to kill it Jake. Appreciate all the work.

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Yeah, I’m anticipating they’ll move it up as well. But I’m not sure what they’d fill the space with!

And thanks. :)

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I’m not sure either. I forgot that last year we had Solomon between Christmas event and actual Christmas.

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This year we have the LB Prologue…but that’s only enough for the week between Xmas and NYE.

All the more reason to be 3T farming. ;)

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So I saw for the double Gil NP version that aerial drive is better but is that the case if aerial drive is level 15 (which is what it will likely be at after mlb) vs a level 100 HNS?

It’s in the description of that setup, at the bottom—HNS will work too bit you’ll produce slightly smaller numbers than what I listed.

This is because Gil has a built-in NP strength buff and that HNS’s total NP buffs (15%) are smaller than Aerial Drove (10% Buster and 10% NP).

MLB First Sunrise will produce the most damage (as will MLB Partake with the King.)

Let’s see the comps. Hmm, not having any of the archers and own Waver. #bruh

Now somebody get to work on Da Vinci

In the works, for anyone curious.

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Well what I meant by what I asked was if the 2000 atk that a level 100 HNS (which I have) would make enough difference to the 700 atk that aerial drive will likely have because I won’t be able to level it since I already spent my CE bombs on HNS. Or is the difference in atk not big enough to matter vs the effects of them.

Is there a need to level Ishtar’s 1st skill? I have her sitting currently at 4/6/1. I have a 6/6/10 Waver and a Merlin in the works (he wants so much gear and gold gems, thankfully castle gate drops gems so I can farm there while event is still running).

I’d imagine Ishtar will be the lead for the Christmas rerun.