Xmas Rerun or Mad Dash Finish for Main Story

I’ve been doggedly pursuing a rush down of Camelot (and planning the same for Babylonia); but it has been incredibly time consuming and I have the last few Camelot boss fights left. Can I realistically clear Babylonia (assuming I spend apples as needed), or at this point should I throw in the towel on those sweet sweet SQ and turn my attentions to clearing the Xmas rerun and as much of the shop as possible?

It’s fine you can ignore the first couple days of the event, it’s going to be slow at first anyway. The best nodes arent going to be out until Day 5-6.

I suggest doing the Xmas event first. The mats will be useful (they always are) and it’ll be your last chance to get Jalter Lily and Holy Night Supper (if you don’t already have them).

That said, if you don’t want to farm the event too heavily and just want to grab certain things from the shop and lottery then you can start the event midway since the main events and best farming nodes are time-gated anyway.

After the rerun Xmas event we have the release of Salem, which will give you maybe a week or more before the next Xmas event, which requires Babylonia cleared.

Babylonia takes about a week’s worth of AP to clear provided you don’t repeat battles too much.

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The 1/4 AP for main quests is still in effect till the 14th. Babylonia needs 1961 AP to complete, with the 1/4 AP that becomes about 491 AP which is a little less than 2 days worth of AP. Since the best farming days are locked till the end, you can afford to skip the first few days and focus on the story.

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better to do the Main Story for the 30 SQ

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I think 30SQ is too good to pass up. Most time consuming part is reading the story so I suggest you just skip them and then come back to re-read them when you have time. That’s what I did for CCC and summer events. I remember rushing through Camelot and Babylonia in a few days with story reading so you should be able to finish them and get 30SQ before event is over. As for Xmas rerun, like @Kayo_Rikou said, the first few days are slow. The only part I hate is that 2x, 3x success rate would be over before I can really farm for lottery and then all the embers can’t be stockpile.

Hey, I’m actually in a similar situation (just finished Camelot).

At the end of the day, getting Jalter Lily to NP5 with all Ascension mats and MLB’ing HNS take priority over the 30SQ from the 8mil Campaign. I mean, 30SQ is 1 10x roll, and you’re not going to get an NP5 SR Servant and an MLB SSR CE off of 1 10x roll.

However, the rerun features some time gates and the good farming nodes don’t come out until near the end, so I think what I’m going to do is keep rushing to keep up on the time gates and then spend the rest of my time on the main story.

One final note, if you don’t finish the Final Singularity by the end of the rerun, you will absolutely need to rush it because this year’s Christmas event requires completing the Final Singularity.

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You can do it!

BB supporting all the way.

More realistically, maybe skip the story sections Sad, but true, as a lot of Babylonia’s time spent is Story.


Yeah, Babylonia’s story is very long, worth it, but long. Maybe compromise by watching the anime while clearing the singularity :fgo_illya:

Alright, I’m going to give the 30sq run a go (assuming maintenance ever ends)…


Don’t you know? When Maintenance ends, that is when Maintenance begins~

Sorry, not sorry.


Personally I would grind the event. Free AoE lancer plus lottery is more valuable in the long run IMO. If you are staying on top of logging in every day and clearing all weekly master missions you will quickly make up the SQ from completing Camelot and Babalonia.

Thanks. I do already have an NP2 Lance Alter, so the AOE lance role is already covered on my team. But I guess more farming servants are always welcome and I still certainly need some mats to complete skills and final ascensions for my most used ones.

Hm, I’m not too sure right now, but didn’t we have to complete solomon too in order to get the 30 sq? I mean, if I’m wrong, then that’s great, but if not, I’m pretty much giving up on them sq :fgo_jeannu:

The Christmas event of this year requires completing the Final Singularity? Oh man I want to rush the story too now, but I started the game last month and friend servants cant carry anymore in Camelot :fgo_jeannu:

Yes i believe the 30 SQ require Solomon.

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Although Lalter is in general a better Servant all-around than Jailter (I have Lalter and absolutely love her), Jailter is still a better farmer. I’d still recommend making damn sure that you get her to NP5 with all the Ascension mats, because it’s much better to get her and never use her than to not get her and wish you had, because after this rerun she’s never coming back (unless DW decides to start doing rereruns in the future).

Oh well, I guess that’s it for me then :catroll:

Well, theoretically it can, so long as you don’t mind forking over some SQ for revives on the more difficult content. Either way it’s worth at least trying to get it done so you can do the event.

Yeah, it’s still possible to get carried, but you need to have some key servants leveled to 60, more or less, namely Mash, Hans, Euryale, etc. Also, I recommend you use the boss guide here on gp, so that you know exactly who to field.