xNaya Skadi System Overview [UPDATED]

Updated yesterday to include newer Servants, like Voyager.

This was linked in another Skadi thread recently as well, but I wanted to put it front and center since Skadi’s release is imminent. Very helpful resource when deciding where to prioritize SQ and material investment.


Watched this today, my first thought was… “ooo look at Dantés spiritron dress!” Then I was like damn… this was really well thought out.

Reines will be getting my SQ that’s for sure

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Cool, i wish we have art sistem video

dang seems like np2 atalante is my best option to loop. Wonder how much looping affected by the servant being np1

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Looping is unaffected by NP levels. All units that can loop based on refund can loop NP1. The complicating factor is NP levels, and lesser damage narrowing the scope of maps you can feasibly and stably loop. That said, while it should be no or minimal issue for Sabers assuming we’re talking standard 3/3/X and not overly healthy mid-bosses or bosses, that will probably be all you can serviceably do.


looks like I need to add reines to my list.