XP for various throws

I am currently level 42 and don’t have plans to grind my way to 50 but I will take advantage of the 3x catch XP especially when I’m already taking advantage of the Fairy spawns for my Platinum medal. It wasn’t until now that I really started to notice the XP difference between the various throws. Personally, I find the XP gap between a Great throw and an Excellent throw is far too big compared to the gap between a Nice and a Great. For reference here is what I recorded for various catches. Note, as this was during 3x catch XP the values are 3x more than normal:

Only curve - 300 XP caught, 60 xp curve, 150 xp first throw
Nice curve - 300 xp caught, 60 xp nice, 60 xp curve, 150 xp first throw
Great curve - 300 xp caught, 300 xp great, 60 xp curve, 150 cp first throw
Excellent curve - 300 xp caught, 3000 xp excellent, 60 xp curve, 150 xp first throw

The difference between a Nice throw and a Great throw is 240 XP (80 XP normally) while the difference between a Great throw and an Excellent throw is 2,700 XP (900 XP normally). While making Excellent throws is very much a skill and should be rewarded the gap between Excellent and Great is too far in my opinion. It feels really bad when you do make an Excellent throw but the Pokemon pops out of the ball and your next throw is only Great or worse.

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I gained 2.4 million XP in 7 days. Almost no XP friend related and barely any raids. No catching during workweek hours. But yeah, after work might actually do an incense+lucky egg and really try to excellent…wild variation but sometimes I try to focus and get 25k for every 3 minutes of catching. I’ll fall off that pace after a while but makes a dent into the next million

I was making fairly consistent Excellent curves on Jigglypuff and Snubbull until I put on a Lucky Egg. For some reason I had difficulty with the Excellents lol, maybe anxiety/pressure of losing even MORE XP for a bad throw.

Jiggly is pretty tough. The stationary dragons dratini and bagon are pretty easy. I like trying for excellent on wurmple though, well if I miss I can still evolve it

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If you miss it… you can’t evolve it :wink:

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The difference used to be 100XP, before the change, between a great and an excellent throw… so most people just tried great throws it wasn’t really worth the effort (and missing the hit box) in most cases.

Now you can really try to hit that excellent circle even if that means sometimes missing the first ball catch. You also only needed 20 000 000 XP to “end the grind” now you need almost 9 times that amount.