Xu Fu-Chan is trending on twitter!


There’s speculation she’ll be added during the summer rerun. Other possibilities people are throwing out are loli Kiara and Adult Anderson (but I’m hoping they implement those to as costumes)


Adult Anderson would be nice :fgo_jeannyes:

but what’s wrong with DW rerunning seasonal events off season :fgo_insane:

Because of two reasons:
1- not leting people have a dead week because otherwise the start with their think of “dead game”
2- and because they will most likely do something on the dates that they usually do the rerun of the seasonal events


I assume late June and July will be busy months for JP so they probably wanted to get this done soon.


At least it’s not a Christmas event :fgo_padoru:

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No that would be silly. Christmas events should be reserved for October :fgo_insane:

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Still waiting for Quetzmas rerun

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June should be 2.6. Also I think DW is spacing out the summer events in order for people to recover and thus having the capability to spend more

I worry that lb6 will start late June and run to July cause that means
Na will have to go #natempo or move things around to be able to fit it in before 6th anni

But that’s when we’re releasing the first Easter event! :fgo_scathachmad:

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Honestly, NA should just have “Game anniversary” on same date as JP, not “Server anniversary”, not like players really care about date :feh_lucyshrug:


I dont want to get canceled by angry JP players because we got a bunch of SQ before the Ajurna Alter banner and they didnt, thanks.

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Is surprising when they get mad for such little things when they constantly say that they are the best server


Isn’t it normal? Like the way to stay at best is not to improve yourself but to push others down.

Why would we? This will push our Anniversary month later and we will not have to weirdly juggle banners\events to release everybody we should get for GSSR.

Like we already got Skadi and anni SQ before Summer 2 Rerun unlike JP and nothing happened

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Derp, your right.

New banners. Not reruns of old ones.

And I dont know, Im not the one carrying the pitch fork. Ive seen people get inidgnant for less.