Xurkitree and Kartana - is Gamepress still being updated?

I have been waiting for PVP and move set information for these two Ultra Beasts to be uploaded since they came out, but it has been months now and still nothing. Does anyone know if this data base is still being updated?

And while I’m here, does anyone have any input on how these two do in PVP?

They’re not very good in PvP, keep them for PvE.

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Both Xurkitree and Kartana have very weak defense, so it is unlikely that they will last longer in battles.

Xurkitree :

For fast move, you can choose : Thunder shock ( for higher energy generation ).

For charge move, you should choose : Discharge, Powerwhip/Thunder.


Razor Leaf + ( Leaf blade & Night Slash )

As @Elastic_Space said, due to poor bulk, they are not good for PvP. They might have some use for PvE.

If you want Ultra Beast for PvP, then you can use Buzzwole and Celesteela, with Buzzwole being Priority.


Kartana’s defense stat is decent, stamina is low though. Xurkitree is usable in ML, with Thunder Shock + Discharge/Dazzling Gleam.
In PvE they’re god-tier attackers like Mewtwo and Terrakion. Xurkitree is even the best fairy attacker in the game, despite not a true fairy type.

Xurkitree is most certainly not the best fairy attacker in the game. Shadow Gardevoir beats it out in both dps and tdo even when used against a Pokémon weak to both fairy and electric unless the Xurkitree is running double electric moves of course.


Yeah, I meant regular attacker.

The above have answered the main points, but if pvpoke hasn’t given you enough depth and you’re after write-ups of anything that GP haven’t covered, you can’t go far wrong with Silph Road reddit or Pokemongohub.

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Even this is debatable vs dark types. Zacian hero is on par with damage but since it has only half of the deaths, I’d call it better, similar with togekiss, but since it’s very cheap, it’s fair to compare the lvl 50 one, which is vastly better in both, damage and stamina

It may be debatable vs dragon types (resisting electric fast move), but not dark types. Gardevoir and Togekiss tend to be better in cloudy, but Zacian is hardly preferred, owing to non-STAB fast moves.

Really? No, at least vs Darkrai I checked. Zacian with quick attack best fairy type (non-shadow). Was quick attack buffed for PvE as well? That might explain.
Vs dragons i did not check yet, most are fliers anyway.

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With @stativision on this one, looks like lil’ Zacian is about on-par with Togekiss/Gardevoir, even with non-STAB moves. I think this is a reflection of the fact that in PvE chargemoves matter more for overall DPS and Quick Attack has better stats (esp. EPS) than Charm so even the STAB bonus doesn’t make much difference.

As for the original question of “is Xurkitree a good pseudo-fairy?”: its got some good situational DPS and overall performance about on par with Gardevoir. Good argument for double-moving but given it’s a legendary with veeery limited release…probably not worth it as such. Cool for the bragging points though!

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I’ve got a hundo Kartana and have been experimenting with using it in ML. It’s certainly fragile, but at least it’s got a lot of resistances.

How viable it actually is seems to depend strongly on what the other two members of the team are, how high a rating you’re playing at, the current state of the meta, and just plain old luck. For instance, if most people in ML are running Swampert or Primarina, having Kartana on the team could be handy since it eats them for breakfast (especially Swampert).

It can perform decently against Excadrill, Kyogre, Sylveon, some versions of Mewtwo, Garchomp, Palkia, Zacian, etc. I’ve had mixed results overall—sometimes Kartana goes above and beyond, and other times it strikes out completely. It’s only for those who likes to live dangerously. Looks like spice picks aren’t just for GL anymore.

My Kartana actually isn’t at its full potential yet since I haven’t yet unlocked the second charged move yet (I.e. Night Slash). Leaf Blade is still pretty decent even when resisted, though, since its stats are so good.

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It’s a bit like (shadow) Ttar, just opposite spectrum of matchups. I like bite ttar as a surprise for fire and of course ghost/Mewtwo. Similar as kartana vs the mons you mentioned. Isn’t ground a Problem though? For example excadrill i guess you have to spend at least one shield to be successful, or?

It absolutely nails Rhyperior too