Y Innes: Atk Def or Atk Spd boost?

Last Innes question, thanks for humoring me.

Let’s assume he has NFU.

A year ago and beyond this question would’ve been easy, but with the current meta, I wonder if this is a tricker question to answer depending on who Innes wants to slay. He doesn’t have a Jorge defense, but is it worth it to give him an Atk Def solo to stand up against some of these new power units? Or is it not enough to crack Edelbeast, L Sigurd and whoever else anyway, so stick to speed? Again just curious on the consensus out there as I look to build him. Thanks!

I’ll use solo in general, but push/sparrow/impact works here also. Let me know if you think one is better than another, thanks!

  • Atk Spd Solo
  • Atk Def Solo
  • Other

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Running NFU in his B leaves him somewhat vulnerable. His defenses aren’t horrible, but he’s not withstanding many hits. Since NFU is intended to let you follow-up, you’ll want both your hits to count. This opens up the issue of being killed on retaliation. Unless you run TP and a 2 CD special for a precharged special attack (with NFU being there as a safety net to ensure you can attack a 2nd time if you cannot KO first hit), then I’d go for Atk/Def or Impact. If you do plan on giving him TP and 2 CD special, then you can probably get away with ignoring his Def/Res since you won’t be eating as many hits on counterattack.


This is a strange view; I generally don’t see Mininness as a baiting unit. I assume you intend to give him Close Foil, because L-Sigurd generally does not run DC in Arena due to its poor synergy with Crusaders Ward (something he has to run for optimal scoring)

As for Fatal, he can kill her in one hit with Ruptured Sky with the right support. Ideally, he shouldn’t have to be sucking up many hits


Well, I’m looking for all purpose like ARD,ARO, Arena probably I that order. So it may do nothing for Sigurd, but my point I guess is with all the NFU’s running around, and the lower speed units, there is value here imo. We can add more weaker but still powerful units like both bramimond, D Fonz, D Lif, etc. NFU was the best skill in the game a year ago imo and has only gotten better with new unit releases.

That said I’m not opposed to CF, but any baiting would be ranged only. Otherwise it’s survivability on initiating against DC counters.

He wants Def, that’s a fact, I’m just debating whether 6 Def from solo will be enough to take on big tank counters (and yes I realize he wants Res vs Lif and bramimond and so on, but you get my thought process. Let’s also not forget both Claudes are out there — and I know about falling star — and IS has shown it will only get nastier).

The question really is, which one will work best in general. Spd meta I always increasing, but I am seeing how badly we need Def these days also. Thus the crux of my question.

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There isn’t really a one size fits all skill for those modes. If you really want to use him in all three, you’re gonna need different skills for all three

For AR-D, Sturdy Impact is pretty much king for him. Solos are poor on AR-D due to AI movement and how everyone typically starts out stuck together

For AR-O, you want Atk/Spd Solo, Spendthrift, B-Lucina support and NFU; Mininness Prf does not serve him especially well as an AR-O carry, so we’re borrowing Norne’s skills here

For Arena, he should ideally only be tanking L-Claudes for one-shotting purposes because his bulk is unimpressive, Solo or not. NFU is still good because of the many armors and stuff like Bagel. I can see some merit to Atk/Def Solo here in case he has to eat a Fatal retaliation, but she’s still gonna hit him hard


Well I have SS3 in the A Slot and often Atk/Def Solo in the seal (or sorcery blade) so I see the appeal. He hits like 53 speed with just his weapon, so he probably only needs one more slot of speed to keep up with the meta right now

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