Y Innes: Is Deadeye a waste?

Hear me out. Right now deadeye on Innes PRF would surely be a waste, but is there a scenario where two negating % damage could be beneficial in the future?

The example I propose was OG Hector when the QR seal came out. Armads plus QR > Wary fighter, so Hector could still attack back twice even with wary.

I am sure nothing is out yet that would matter, but since I got the Shinon fodder for times pulse to a bowman, only makes sense I do deadeye anyway.

I could do a Sothis, but the odds are the next unit I give Sothis to being a bow anyway is super low.

NOTE: The only real other option is giving Innes the Ryoma manual for Atk Def solo, and then Shinon could provide Atk Def solo 4 instead of deadeye, but seems a waste of deadeye.

Any thoughts to this will help, no matter how small. Thanks


With the way it’s worded, Y!Innes weapon works like NFU rather than your Armads example. Skills like NFU basically cancel out all layers of guaranteed follow-ups and follow-up denial. So Deadeye is a waste

I usually think in terms of math. Guaranteed follow up is +1, denied is -1, NFU multiplies all of it by 0. The Armads+QR example is basically +1 +1 -1 = 1, but anyone with NFU is just gonna reduce all of that to 0.


Follow ups are different since they follow a special game mechanic where a follow up negation skill only affects one instance of a follow up

DR negation skills specifically say they stop all non special DR skills, regardless of how many there are

Like, 2 instances of nullifying counterattacks (Firesweep + Windsweep) won’t stop NCD

So to answer the OP… yes, it’s a waste


Yeah don’t waste that deadeye, save it for a unit that is dying to have it whether you have that unit right now or not.

Always nice to have a good fodder collection :feh_thinkinglikelukas:


Yeah that’s tough. Guess it could go with a build not using his prf, like Spendthrift? Though his bow is really good, so maybe a waste in any case


Thanks, kinda figured. His PRF is amazing but it’s the one instance where the perfect skill doesn’t seem to fit. Maybe I’ll give him Sothis instead and keep Shinon for a future bow fodder.

FYI considering giving his B slot NFU. GP recommends spiral also but I’m a bit hesitant to do that. Right now just trying to figure out how I want his fodder to flow.


It completely depends on your needs. I found it easy to just give him a Lewyn and L!Julia for something like this. NFU is good too ofc, though Sprial can allow him to potentially one shot F!Edel assuming you can precharge his special with another enemy.


Funny you bring up impact, I just mentioned that on another thread!


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Can’t he still use Deadeye well? His weapon pierces damage reduction, that is true, but Deadeye also doubles damage dealt. Plus, I think it can be used on him if you’re lacking Ruptured Sky or Blue Flame.

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At that point, just run Aether instead of wasting Shinon


If you really want to use Deadeye for a slightly worse Astra then you may as well just use Astra. Slaying prf means he’ll charge it just as fast as using Spendthrift + Deadeye anyway.

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