Y!Marth forma B skill advice?

Hey all, I’d like some opinions on my babby Marth’s B skill. I had originally hoped to get Special Spiral so he could spam people with Vantage + Hero’s Blood, but this entire HoF it has refused to show up (I actually just got DP today. RNG has not been kind to me). However I did manage to get Null C-Disrupt, which, as a vantage sweeper, could also be pretty useful for him since sweep skills would be a big weakness for him. Is it worth it to keep trying for SpSp, or is NCD better after all? I don’t have fodder for either to give him outside of HoF.

Here’s how my boy looks rn, though I’ll be using his prf weapon/special after I bring him home

Also, while I’ve got you here, is the C skill good? I realized only just today that with the Hero’s Blood stat bonuses the Rouse becomes somewhat redundant outside of the null panic. Shpuld i shoot for another skill there too?

I have 5 torches left btw, if that influences anyone’s opinions.

Thanks in advance!!

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NCD vs SpSP: NCD is rarer, so it’s not a terrible idea to stick with it, though if you really are trying to vantage one shot, SpSp will be better.

C: Null Panic is pretty nice, though you can also consider JDA for more vantage firepower.


He looks good. I ended up with Rouse Atk/Spd on mine too. Null Panic is really nice on him and the rouses give him extra speed and attack. For B skill I went with Spurn for the DR and extra damage, but Special Spiral and Null C-Disrupt are also great options.

If you feel like the rouse is not good on him or do you plan on using him with Ashera, then JDA is his other best option.


I’ve seen some people mention that he can struggle to get the kill so that was why I was going for the special spam, but that’s a really good point about skill rarity!

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Special Spiral is also available in the seasonal 4* special pool. Ninja CorrinM is going to be rerun soon, if you really wish to get it, maybe you can spare some orbs for it then?

Just a fyi, even with Special Spiral, he tends to miss kills.


i would sy, rarity or not - NFU is his best B skill for the moment.
as of right now his biggest issue is that he can’t get the kills as easily as he did before because of the added bukk to do saviour skills and armours having +6 to stats for breathing - vs him and just having vantage/dual effectiveness).

the very least NFU stops the auto follow up, and can at least let him get healed. and keep going. (i’d also argue Baby Marth vs. Baby Marth - the ones i’ve ALWAYS had issues w/were NFU marths. my special spiral marths had no issues vs. like marths, or DR tank marths) - clearly this was before Vital Astra and the like.


I figured even with SpSp it wouldn’t fix the problem entirely, but it looked like his best shot. He was my first highly merged seasonal unit so I want him to be the best I can get him.

Thanks for the reminder about Corrin. I really don’t want to spend orbs if I can help it, but that does seem like a prime opportunity and since I’m ending up getting Marth’s last merges for free when I’d planned to pull for him, it could all work out in the end


Ooh thanks for that info. That’s helpful. Thankfully I have some NFU fodder laying around if he ends up struggling with whatever B skill he ends up with from the forma. Honestly, since he has free vantage I hadn’t even considered his follow up attack lmao


LOL i know. it’s not something that comes to my mind all the time either. What he really needs is a refine. - but he’s still REALLY good. mine never got anything worth picking up and changing his IVs w/trait fruit. This was a typical HOF for me. when i don’t really want to take out the unit, they get perfect builds. when i consider it, it’s getting blood from a stone.

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Right! Honestly. HoF is so finicky. With Marth here I got the ninja sword the rally up on the first day, and I was like “oh nice I’m gonna be lucky this time!” Like I totally thought I’d get all my desired skills on him real quick and could spend the rest of the event building up the others for fun. But nope. The game just decided to screw me over for the entire rest of the event lmao.

And y’know I’m actually a bit worried about his potential refine because he shares his weapon with Phina. I know people talk about Marth bias and L!Azura has technically opened the door for possible dancer refines, but I feel like him sharing with a dancer could hurt his chances at a really broken refine. I suppose they could get away with like EP atk boosts, and either some self chip damage to get into vantage range or enemy follow up blocking or something. Both if they’re feeling generous. Idk, he’s in a really wonky spot, refine wise :/


Yeah. I mean everyone keeps thinking Reinhardt is being held back because of he’s great (which he is), but imo, i think he’s being held back because he shares the same tome as Olwen. Olwen desperately needs the help - and they can’t really make it God Tier - because then Reinhardt has a God Tier refine. (but i mean they could simply rename Tome like Olwen’s Dire Thnder blehgh blegh) but that’s the issue.

so yah - that’s Marth’s issue. they can’t give him god tier refine because Phina has the same weapon. (I will say it doesn’t change the fact that Phina/Marth COULD get a god tier refine - just because she’s a dancer doesn’t mean she can’t get it. People poop on Azura’s refine, but i think they have to remember LAzura has the arm of a wet noodle. She 100 percent build for support. her refine imo helped her more than people gave her credit for with Push 4+ TA -so if she HAS to take n something she can at least do some damage).

Phina has atk/spd to do a lot of work. She’s not a god sword, but she isn’t just a dancer either. (there are a few dancers in this category). and it’s a long minute before he gets refined anyway. so don’t stress the small stuff.


Just give Rein a god tier refine. Wouldn’t even change too much, since PRFs these days have all the effects there are.

Oh, we couldn’t refine rein, that would be too problematic.

Sure, but what the fuck is up with this new PRF that gives slaying, DR, special accel, and NFU?

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who has all of that?

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No one has literally all of it (it was hyperbole), but some of the recent baby banner come close.

Baby Mia has slaying+DR+NFU.

So most of what I mentioned. Her B slot is null guard, but could also be NCD. Slap one of the breath seals on her, and she literally can have every single meta effect on her.

ah, yeh that’s true.
you are right

for the record I wasn’t saying I wouldn’t give reinhardt a great one. just them thinking that. sometimes they get it right w/the 3-4*/grail unit refine but honestly more an more they want you to pull for the busted units vs. giving us some via refine. i truly don’t get it to be honest with you. i’ll still PULL for new units. you don’t have to go out of your way to make the 3-4* hard to use.

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IS is…not the smartest.

Like really, from a business standpoint model it’s okay, but you wanna know what really keeps players playing and the money rolling? Making a fun game.

FEH is seriously coasting hard on it’s IP and very little else. It’s not the worst gacha, sure, but it’s extremely far from the best.

FEH solves powercreep with more powercreep, which at the start was not too bad, but it’s a problem that only exponentially gets worse, and starting sometime last year finally got out of hand (not that it was great before, mind you). Because they refuse to change this, the balance can only get worse.

IMO NCD is Y!Marth’s best b skill because it gives him a niche.

In the extremely competitive lands of speedy inf swordies, Y!Marth is just not very good. He’s outclassed by a dozen different units. As someone who has repel on him, he’s not worth using as a DR tank. Same concept with NFU: there’s too much competition and he is outclassed.

In the other, less competitive, land of vantage sweepers, he’s still not very good. His atk is too low and even with SS and his special active, he misses kills consistently against anything that isn’t a cav. If it’s blue and not a complete glass cannon you may as well give up trying to get him to oneshot it.

NCD however is a different story. Turn him into a cavline counter or whatever and he performs quite well, to this day better than 90% of the competition for the spot. I use it on him and it’s definitely worth it. Of the sets I’ve tried, the niche cavline/cav counter set with NCD to counter stuff like staves or firesweep bows, is by far the best performing, and is a role that he isn’t sorely outclassed in.


If anyone’s curious I ended up keeping NCD and the Rouse.

Here’s the boy now, only one merge to go!

I’ll try to pick up some of the other skills you guys mentioned later on and tweak his build for different settings. For now, though, I’m really happy with him :) Gonna have a lot of fun playing with him in the upcoming TT.

IV-wise, what are you guys thinking? I used to have him +Spd but I’m getting the sense that +Atk will be better


+Atk is what I recommend for all effective and brave weapons, even if the unit also wants speed.