Yagyü Munenori team theory crafting (perfect defense)

just got him from story banner while doing ritual and would like to know if its a good idea to run him with edison and who can be the third member?

yagyu’s 3rd skill reduces enemy atk by 50%
his np reduces another 20% at np1 but with edison’s skill he lowers 40% (totally 70-90)

İf edison np’s and uses his overcharge effect on him its 1oo atk down for a single turn (and 50 for 2 more turns)

at first i thought about putting casgil since he works well with yagyü and his np can add another 20% less damage but consistently charging np’s are a big problem.

could using mash with order change work? you get 20 (with np 50/60) defense up and changing her with waver would solve charging the first np too…

I think the issue here is sustaining the effects while dealing sufficient damage.

More challenging scenarios will likely result in a team breakdown sooner or later, whenever a gap opens in the defensive strategy that can’t be adequately covered.

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There’s always Waver with his defense and easy NP charging.


I use old man Tajima for Solo’s, CQ’s and team set ups with Casgil -2030, Saberlot- Holy Night Suppor, Yagyu- Sweet Days, Imaginary Element, New Beginnings . If I use my friends , it has MLB Formal Craft. Mine is NP2 and friends is NP1 level 100 /2k fou but I’ve used him since he was lvl90. After you upgrade his skills, (1&3) his NP gain is very high. I can loop every time I use his NP if command cards give that luxury(a reason why solo is a good option)

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My favorite teammates for him are Tamamo and Andersen (with a combination of Prisma cosmos, Iron Willed training or 2030).

Tamamo makes his refund higher and allows him to NP way more frequently. The more you spam his NP the more Defense you get.
Andersen, especially post upgrade, offers him good uptime on crits and provides both a source of healing and spammable defense buffs.

Against Lancer bosses, he snow balls very fast with this team and eventually he straight up tank NPs. All the Caenis fights on Lostbelt 5 become a complete joke despite all her attack.

The only weakness is that since you rely on his attack debuffs or Andersen’s buffs to tank, debuff immune bosses like Penth or Junao are your worst enemies. Also fights against more than one enemy are a no go, since his debuffs are only for one.

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Are there specific enemies you target? Because I feel that debuffs like Yagyu’s are increasingly unreliable, I’ve had it fail so many times against servants that at this point it’s more like a bonus than an expected outcome. And for someone whose defining feature is attack down, once you see it fail in a critical situation, you never want to rely on it again.

At this point I treat it like Wu Zetian’s defense down… nice if it hits, but I’m not counting on it unless it’s some bronze or silver mob.

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If I stall with him I usually just pair him with Waver/Mash-Tamamo. There’s no need to overcomplicate things and it is easy to hit 100% def/atk down benchmark with this comp if you want to enjoy facetanking NPs.


there’s a servant later this year who I think would be a suitable pairing vs lancer bosses. - Lanling.

Both are arts sabers. Lanling kit is support oriented with arts up + targettable 20% battery and his np while doing 0 dmg comes with 30%+ atk up + dmg cut tying in with Yagyu’s atk down. It’s a very defensive setup but no lancer boss should really ever be a threat. Throw in Mash/Waver and you’ll just laugh at lancer bosses trying to hurt your squad

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When I use him, I like teaming him up with Tamamo and Merlin. Between Merlin and Tamamo’s NPs (which you should be spamming with this setup), and Merlin and Tamamo’s third skills you have healing galore. Plus you of course have Invulnerability thanks to Merlin’s second skill (which Tamamo lets you fire off more often with her NP’s cooldown reduction). If that wasn’t enough, drop some CE’s that add extra stars (2030, His Rightful Place, etc.) on top of Maerlin’s NP and Crits happen insanely often, or have Tamamo’s Bond CE on her and increase your Arts damage non-stop.

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I have nothing to add to this discussion, but I have a Sitting EX with skills stuck at 4/4/4 due to proof hell, and am very interested in hearing any super-secret tech people have to share. Hope I can get him to usable skill levels before long, seems like a prime arts DPS candidate.

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