Yamcha's Homerun Ex isn't optimized for the character

I have spent over 50 energy into doing it and won twice, because broly keeps punching and signatures more than he ki blasts, has anyone else had trouble with it?

I’ve only lost like twice. He seems to blast card often enough for me. He does use strike cards more often than the others, you just have to be careful to vanish them instead of reflex using the reflect. Using your main ability also helps. The reflect works on tap blasts too if you weren’t aware. Does the same damage.

I agree with you, they should make it fun and a bit challenging, it is boring to me, it’s just Broly fighting at full, that is it, not optimized at all… even if some ghosts says otherwise, it is obviously not maded for Yansha.

On that stage your vanish gauge refresh speed is ridicoulous, you just have to be careful to win, it’s gonna take a bit of time since Broly is not using blast card very often, but you can pretty much dodge anything else without taking a single damage.

I don’t say that to do the “STRONG VIDEO GAME PGM” but I won it on first try, so it’s obviously doable