Years old Roy build

One build I was working on a while ago was Roy and now I see he as a reskin so I want to rebuild him I need ideas for a better b and c skill

I really love his art and wondering if I should buy more skins



The thing about og roy is that his stats are balanced enough that he can do a lot of different roles really well

the problem is that his stats are so balanced that he can’t really do one thing in particular better than anybody else that could also do that role.

I guess my first question would be to ask you what exactly you want him to be doing? Phys tanking? Magic tanking? Glass cannon?


This is the general, all-purpose tank build i’ve been running on mine

Of course, this is with a lot of investment, but its something to consider


Phy tanking since I game him sturdy stance

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well for starters something like sturdy stance would be a bit better in his a slot if you can get it. It’ll provide the same guard effect and also give you an extra 6 attack, while cutting the defense boost down to a plus 6 as well.

Null follow up is typically the best b slot for him, especially if you’re running his prf, and atk smoke is already there so thats good. Same with the steady breath seal


Well the first thing I recommend is getting rid of that Guard B slot

I assume you’re using him almost exclusively to EP, in which case Guard is completely useless because Steady Stance 4 gives the Guard effect and they can’t stack

There are so many better B slots… Lull Atk/Def, NFU… Even freaking Obstruct and Renewal are more useful


oh i didn’t read that you gave him sturdy stance already lol, but yeah thats about the best build I can think of for a “budget”


Ok appreciate the help now to find a unit that has null follow up


Should I give him sturdy stance or keep steady stance


absolutely sturdy stance, the somewhat less defense won’t mean that much in the long run, plus you get the attack boost as well as keeping the guard effect


:joy: I’m giving him renewal since the null skills I have are by units I don’t want to fodderize or is obstruct better I think renewal is to keep him healthy

Renewal was my go-to budget skill for tanky units for the longest time

Since you’re not running a healing special it will help keep Roy in his weapon’s HP range for the follow up effect


Have you used up all your toilet paper?

Unbound over his prf?

51 Spd isn’t getting the job done in 2022, chief.

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thats also why i’m not using him for anything remotely competitive anymore

besides, at least with unbound he’s getting a little bit more attack. When i was running his prf he still wasn’t killing or surviving anything


That’s fair.

Probably a lot easier to have the QR for super speeds and just stack Atk through Duo Peony.

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Ahh which character has unbound blade?

Annand, she’s 5* locked sadly


No I have maréela but I want to give her skills to a unit that use flashing blade 4 and null follow up. :sweat_smile:I have a lot of units with premium skills but don’t know who to put them on like I have og hector and don’t know who to put distant counter on