Years old Roy build



Oh shoot u want me to but unbound blade or keep his refined kinda got confused

Don’t need you to do anything, was referring to Almond.

Personally I’d say his prf is better for the QR, it’ll do more for him than some stats, which to be fair it does give 4 Def/Res and Dragon Eff on top.

In terms of his build, what do you want him to do and how far would you invest.

Keeping his refine is good for the +4 def/res and QR.

It’s a decent refine, since you can ditch speed to focus on EP stuff.

Cheap alternatives though are:
Wo Dao+breath seal+2 CD special for instant +10 true damage. Run this on my OG Lyn since her refine is ass and it works really well.

Slaying: it’s slaying. Self explanatory. Just a good effect, but with nothing else I usually prefer other weapons.

Spirited Blade: atk/def buffs and cooldown +1 is nice, but usually I find breath in seal to be better.

Vulture: and option now, and would certainly help with tanking. More PP than EP though.

Winter Rapier: seasonal, but on a 4* unit. Really good unity effect


Ok I’m willing to make him as tanky as I can just going to try and find the skills I’m looking for

Spd, Def, or Res.

Whichever you focus on requires a different build/supports.

Def I don’t think I have to worry about speed because of his refine

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