Yen'fay day 1 flex

I think this is the first thread for this particular topic :feh_alfonsesmile:

This is my build for the Blade Legend - so far so good!

Show me yours!


I’m considering a budget build like this:

Premium double dodge:


Full on Atk/Solo build. I would go for a more Tanky approach but I have a fully decked out Legendary Marth so no point. I wanted a solid all in offense unit and beng Yen’fay to the rescue. Rouse Atk/Spd being stupidely good (Nullifying penalties of Panic, he can go on a bloody rampage on the attack turns. He’ll be support by a brave Lucina from afar so yeah I expect him to do quick a lot. Not sure about the special yet, it’s a placeholder ngl.

I still can’t believe we got a free banner unit. Yen’fay is actually really good. I suggest EVERYONE without a good recent Sword unit to invest like crazy. He is that good.


Tbh the fact that everyone will build him makes the investment less enticing for me.

Since he’ll be on almost every arena team people will likely build and include counters for him.

He’ll probably have the same dodge+NFU build, too, simply because it is ideal for his PRF weapon.

I mean it’s great that we finally get a good GHB unit. But because they are so rare everyone builds the same units like Ninja Hana and Y!Innes.


No units are “unique”. Paid or not people will always have the “same” units. True some have more build expression than others but if FEH told me one thing is that if you don’t enjoy the game for playing with the units you like you might as well don’t play this game because it is god awful when it comes to personal expression. Enjoy what you like and don’t look at anything else is my best advice to you.


I see your point but I don’t want to whale in for a +10 unit either.
So I don’t have many other options and stat inflation kind of makes it necessary to stay somewhat up to date with the newer characters.
Plus I really, REALLY like his design and prf weapon.


Y’all realize you can just kill his sister to him and he’d have his near perfect kit, right? No need for much more investment.


Just another B slot (NFU, maybe wrath).
And ruptured sky
But yeah, say’ri is worse the sacrifice


You can actually get Atk/Spd Solo 4, Null Follow-Up, Kestral Stance 3 and Close Call all from the Heroes / Awakening / Fates codes in Normal 2 on your way to Spendthrift Bow+. So, for F2P people or really anyone that just wants a cheap, powerful, flexible unit — he’s really a good choice. And being a “solo” warrior fits his lore, so it feels more like a part of him rather than just a build you throw at him because it works. Well-designed, unusually generous. Keep that coming, IS!


I wanna try this too :

Carnage amatsu
Flashing blade 4

With his speed he would activate easily the FB4 to trigger galeforce.
And his innate dodge helps him to survive the first hit

Ryoma seems better in this role btw (NFU in his weapon, so you can swap windsweep on his B slot, and pulse seal)


Well, NFU is ideal to turn off armors and crap, but the DR would stack and speaking from my experience with DuoMyrrh with Draggin Wall… 64% DR is broken as shit.



Oh god, oh shit :worried:

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Probably won’t get him to 5* star for a bit, but this the build on aiming for with the fodder I have around.


I already merged bebeEirika for my NFU swordie needs, so I think I may try Galeforce on him, but then he’s in direct competition with a +1 Mareeta I have, so I am still a little unsure.

I may just feed him a Say’ri for the time being and use him as a DR tank until I decide on a more permanent role for him and whether I will max merge him for Earth season Arena


I’m going for something similar but Rouse Spd/Def 4 instead (A!Laegjarn too good to fodder my only copy rn). Just waiting on Atk/Spd Solo 4 fodder.


I also have bebe Eirika! But she’ll never be +10 so I’ll invest into Yen’fay anyway :sweat_smile:

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I hope astram gets a nice refine to match this grail swordie.

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After some testing I finally decided for this build:

I foddered the Say’ri manual, a B!Ike and a Ferdinand for some truly satisfying EP madness :feh_ardenwoke:


He soloed 4 arena fights, but that last one-on-one (the other team literally consisted only of a F!Edel) was unfortunately a bit too much to chew for him:

But it still took Edel three attacks to defeat him

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